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World Renowned Artist & Educator

Concetta Antico is a world renowned artist and educator.
She is gifted with 100 million color super vision expertise.


Hailing originally from Australia, Concetta is a leader in the San Diego fine art community. She was the founder of the first fine art schools, Art Tours and The Salon Of Art which offered retail instructional experiences to the public. Having painted with oils since childhood, her lifelong expertise and passion to paint is supported by her BA in Education, making her an extraordinarily gifted instructor. She is one of the rare few who can produce masterpieces in one sitting while also teaching others how to paint. She offers very highly-reviewed oil painting classes in San Diego, CA at her Hickory Street Salon in Mission Hills.



Her lifetime of knowledge, teaching experience and gift of color combine to channel the classic techniques revered by the great master artists of the Impressionist era. It is this combination which has been the divine experience for over 20,000 students of all ages and levels, for over 25 years.


Student Painting Workshop Taught By Concetta Antico


Concetta’s workshops provide an academic oil painting foundation which underscores these age-old methods, yet they are refreshed by her contemporary inspired color and palette methodologies, along with her zest for imparting knowledge. Her brilliant instructional systems have made her the premier educator for oil painting in San Diego for over two decades.




Students dedicated to mastering the oil painting mediums will immediately appreciate her unparalleled techniques, guaranteed to achieve professional results in short order. Her dedication and personalized attention to each student is always unanimously endorsed.


Although oil painting is inherently fun, Concetta’s focus is on serious study, in a professional studio setting. She instills important principles such as value, color mixing, shape, perspective, process, visual accuracy, composition, edges, brushwork and so much more. These are reinforced through step-by-step demonstration, critique, lecture, visual resources and emphasis on skills based learning.


Painting Demonstrations By Concetta Antico


Concetta’s instructional techniques draw from centuries of knowledge as well as her own long teaching career, fine art achievements, super vision color expertise and unique life experiences immersed in art. Additionally, she instills a love in her students for art history, the artist’s lifestyle and also promotes opportunities for students to understand the business of being a professional artist today.


Concetta’s enthusiasm, dedication and passion for art are evident. All students are valued and encouraged equally as a result of her belief that fine art creation is a skill to be learnt requiring no special “talent”. Her belief is that today, more than ever, there is a need for balance through cultural pursuits as we battle against a world filled with so much technology. Concetta maintains that greater personal self-expression, in the form of creativity and artistic endeavours, will provide a backlash to technology and a solution for happiness, accessible to all.


Student Taught By Concetta Antico


Learn to Paint with Concetta

To this end, Concetta provides a nurturing and intimate environment for a limited number of dedicated students. You will receive highly individualized attention resulting in maximum development. There are no short cuts to producing quality art. Like other professions, it is a life pursuit involving continuous academic training, patience, practice and dedication.
“It is the love of the process, not the product, that makes the artist,” she states.


Learning to oil paint will be a great springboard to a new and powerful personal self awareness. It is joyful and relaxing. Oil painting has proven to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, improve self esteem, eliminate depression and create a happier and more fulfilled life. Other benefits include improved color vision resolution, enhanced concentration, focus, and a elation at being able to see the world in a different way, an artist’s way… These are just a few of the gifts realized by learning to oil paint. No matter age or ability, imaginations will be stretched, while minds and spirits are nurtured.


Student Taught By Concetta Antico


Whether oil painting is reinvention of yourself, or it is a career move, look no further if it is quality you seek.


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