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Gallery Exhibition Opening Dates – 2024 – 3-8pm

13.01.24 – 26.04.24 – Spellbound

27th April – All The Pretty, Pretty Peacocks…

1st June – Iconic Sydney Scenescapes!

29th June – All Creatures Great & Small
From Bugs to Birds & Blue Whales!

31st August – Lovely Little Things
Capturing Still Life On Canvas

12th October – All That Glitters…
Luminescence In all it’s enchanting forms

9th November – Earth’s Visual Poetry
Sunlit Sonnets and Garden Prose

7th December – The Life Aquatic!
Deep Blue Seas & Sparkling Shores…

Queen Street Art Prize 2025 Submissions


Australian-born artist Concetta Antico returns to her native Sydney for the Grand Opening of her new gallery: The Color Queen Gallery – in Queen Street, Woollahra on Saturday 11 November from 3pm.

Titled Otherworldly and billed as “a night of a hundred million more color possibilities” the debut of the spectacular new space by the self-styled ‘artist, muse and mage’ is a very colourful addition to arty Woollahra’s premier street. 

After 30 years operating her US galleries, tetrachromat Concetta will unveil a collection of original work focused upon the stars, planets and all things celestial – produced with her genetically rare ‘super vision’ gift, tetrachromacy. 

She promises The Color Queen Gallery will enchant with original, ‘otherworldly’ masterpieces manifested with her ability to perceive up to 100 million more colours than can be seen with regular vision. 

Scientifically studied and endorsed for her extraordinary colour perception, the ‘Color Queen’, Concetta will share her oil-painted ‘windows’ imbued with the true colours hidden from view. 

In addition to more than 40 works on display, the gallery features other unique offerings including merchandise, gifts, prints, & stationery. As muse, Concetta also offers limited tarot readings & exclusive private instruction.

Where most people see a night sky devoid of colour, Concetta Antico sees a dazzling array. She says she conjures mostly paint… and a little magic! “I hope to share the true beauty of the world as seen through my eyes – so others may see it too! As Matisse said: ‘With colour one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.’”

Visit The Color Queen Gallery to experience a world beyond the discernible! Literally… out of this world.

The Color Queen Gallery 

136 Queen Street, Woollahra NSW 2030

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