The Artist

Captivated by the visually profound moments beauty creates, I marvel at what an astonishing artist Nature is. Still, my experience here is inexplicable, until I paint it.

My paintings embody every part of me. They express and explain me as well as the unique ways I see the magical colors of our world with superhuman vision.

My subjects find me. They appear everywhere I look. Their divine essence “speaks” to me, moving me to create. This emotional conversation between my eyes and heart manifests as my painted testimony through the pictorial stories I tell with color, brushwork and oils on canvas.

The true colors of beauty are so fleeting. Time and light are the fugitives which taunt me, always stealing beauty away. I paint with a sense of urgency and completeness, conjuring all my canvases in one sitting, sans corrections. I only have moments to capture beauty. 100 million hues can open and close in seconds. Painting these transient colors is the only way I can pause the brevity of Nature’s majesty and hold it forever.

It’s this breathtaking Tetrachromatic world which inspires my artwork. My paintings become windows through which others can see what I can see: Earth’s true colors.

My passion to paint what I see is the lasting gift I wish to bestow.

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