More Testimonials!

Thank you so much for your time. It was a sincere pleasure meeting you – your life and art is such a dream and it was a joy to get a peek into what you see!

Natasha Zouves, Reporter Channel 10 News San Diego

Terrific work. Your vision of beauty is contagious. I’m a better photographer than I was just reviewing your work. Thanks!

Antico Fine Art Collector

To be free and soar around the canvas to create a Masterpiece ….a gift from God. Thank you for sharing!

Antico Fine Art Collector

Whenever I rinse my wine glasses and see a flashing glimpse of indigo I think of you and hear you say “values!”

Mark Anderson, Adventure Vacations San Diego

Hello! I met you at perhaps an art event in La Jolla a while ago. I have recently moved to Bend Oregon but did want to say I just watched your news clip on your website! Magnificent. You have a peek into heaven…to the beauty we await. You won’t get overwhelmed with the color there:) And I am sure it will even be magnified for you! Enjoy your gift.

Janae Ali, Life Coach, Bend, Oregon

WOW – I received an invite to rate you for your virtual biz card and realized that even though we have 148 connections in common and you and I are connected I had never seen your work……soooo I went ahead and simply Googled you and looked at images of some of your art work. I want to tell you……Wholly Molly!! I love your work…..in fact you might even be one of my new favorites. You really have a beautiful talent. Is your work in a any local galleries or somewhere I can see it in person?

Kim Balesteri, Hypno Healing Center

I read, with great pleasure, the article of su casa in the recent San Diego Magazine and I also saw later in that issue “things to do in San Diego” including a plein air painting with you!!! You look lovely and they shot your house very nicely. Thinking of you.

Ric, Richard Matthews, Dean Math & Sciences, Mesa College

C, How do you do it all? You are amazing. I thought I was good. You make me look like a beginner. I need some lessons! Cheers!

Susan Fielder & Associates, Inc. “Ideas that Work”, San Diego

Hi Concetta – yes, it’s me! And I was so thrilled to see you and discover you are doing so wonderfully well and obviously fulfilling your dreams as an artist. I knew you would from when we were young chicks! Now I am an old hen and you remain absolutely stunningly gorgeous! Do you ever come back to Sydney or are you well and truly planted over there?

Margot McGrath, Sydney Australia

Thanks Concetta… was a sweet evening and I saw lots of old friends… your compassion and enthusiasm is infectious. Wish you further success and hopefully partnership for the future.

Penny Hill, SDMA Artists Guild

Do you remember that day I sat with you as you painted plein aire – it was that lovely mission on the hills above San Diego? I remember marveling at all the colors you put into the painting – I could not see half of what you put in, and I just thought you made up the rest to make it a really great painting!? Now I see you were not kidding – no wonder your paintings are so colorful — WOW – what a great way to live!! Wish I was one of the 2%-ers! That painting is one that is always up in whatever house I live in – one of my favorites – and I will not sell it, no matter how much up in price it goes – so there!

Telise Rodlev, Colorado