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Concetta Antico is an Australian born native and critically acclaimed artist who has amassed a cult-following of art-lovers from around the world. Concetta Antico is also a Tetrachromat. An incredibly rare genetic mutation which means she has a fourth color receptor in her retina compared with the standard three which most people have. While those of us with three of these receptors – called cone cells – have the ability to distinguish around one million different colors, tetrachromats see an estimated 100 million. “It’s not just an affectation and it’s not artistic licence,” says Antico. “I’m actually painting exactly what I see. If it’s a pink flower and then all of a sudden you see a bit of lilac or blue, I actually saw that.” According to Dr Kimberly Jameson, a University of California scientist who has studied Antico, just having the gene – which around 15% of women have – is not alone sufficient to be a tetrachromat, but it’s a necessary condition. “In Concetta’s case … one thing we believe is that because she’s been painting sort of continuously since the age of seven years old, she has really enlisted this extra potential and used it. This is how genetics works: it gives you the potential to do things and if the environment demands that you do that thing, then the genes kick in.” Concetta Antico uses her gift as a tetrachromat to paint in vivid and exciting colors that light up a room. Her painting has been praised by fans worldwide and include oil paintings of nature, flowers, orbs, snow, landscapes, animals, flora, fauna including her favourite Peacocks and more. Explore and shop the vast array of paintings, fine art on canvas by a celebrated artist today.

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