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Paradise Abounds


Gifted Australian native Concetta Antico paints pure magic, and writes with it too!

A recently genotyped Tetrachromat, her rare genetics provide a 4th color vision receptor. This new super vision status takes her beyond known art as it reveals she can process up to 100 million colors which allows her to show us the world in a wonderful new way!.

Paradise Portrayed, her year-round thematic journal of inspiration will set each new month off to a joyful start!  Filled with anecdotal advice , humour and profound wisdom, this book is sure to influence the greater purpose and pleasure of your life for decades to come.  The added gift of Concetta’s eye for color and design wrapped in beauty is illustrated throughout with her original photography fro all over the world…

Each page is filled with creativity and and ideas for personal self expression as only The Color Queen can conjure.  This makes a wonderful gift giving ideas to!


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