One hour tarot reading

Tarot cards have an ancient history. They have their own unique way of working which can create beauty, synchronicity and relevance.

Concetta has been a non-sectarian tarot reader for over 30 years. She provides a discreet service with limited appointments available face to face or via zoom.

Concetta is non-judgmental, free-thinking and compassionate in her approach. She works with clients on an authentic, heart-to-heart level, with a healthy dose of humour.

Concetta believes in the laws of energy and the power of directing energy to create the life you desire. Through her readings Concetta guides clients on how to direct energy into thoughts, and thoughts into actions. This training is a powerful ability.

After checkout we will be in contact to provide date and time options for your reading.

Cancellation policy
Please note that we are happy to accept changes to the date and time scheduled for readings but we do not offer refunds.

150 USD

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