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Concetta Antico

Bulging Budgie Branch

Oil on Canvas

Size: 24×24

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Concetta Antico is an Australian born, critically acclaimed artist. Working between Sydney and Los Angeles, Concetta paints original works that unite nature and science through a style of kaleidoscopic color and brushwork. Concetta’s work has been chronicled extensively and has attracted a large audience worldwide. Her paintings have appeared in many publications and broadcast media including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, VOGUE, BBC, VOGUE and The Guardian.
Concetta is a Tetrachromatic artist. Tetrachromacy is an extremely rare condition created by a genetic mutation that creates ‘super vision’. Tetrachromats have four types of cones in their eyes (most humans have three), which allows them to perceive up to 100 million more colors than the average person. Having super color vision has enhanced Concetta’s artwork, allowing her to use color in a manner that makes her work more dynamic. At this time Concetta is the world’s only known Tetrachromatic artist, making her paintings highly collectible and rare.
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