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NEW BOOK – 100 Million Color Masterpieces


“100 Million Color Masterpieces” featuring Concetta’s Tetrachromatic Story and 100 high resolution images of her original artwork.



Welcome to the vivid and captivating world of “100 Million Coloraturas Masterpieces: A Tetrachromat’s Journey through Art.” In this extraordinary art book, we invite you to embark on a remarkable expedition alongside a rare and gifted individual—a tetrachromat. With an enhanced vision that surpasses the limits of ordinary perception, Concetta experiences the world in a symphony of colors unimaginable to most.

Within these pages, we celebrate the astounding ability that Concetta has to perceive a broader spectrum of hues and delve into their unique encounters with art. As you dive into this visual exploration, you will gain an appreciation for the profound depths and intricacies of color that exist all around us.

Painting by painting, we will traverse a magnificent gallery of her work over the years, showcasing many of her finest and best known masterpieces alongside lesser-known gems. Each artwork becomes an enchanting tale, revealing secrets hidden within the pigments and brushstrokes, secrets that only a tetrachromat’s eyes can unlock.

But what exactly is a tetrachromat, you might wonder? Unlike most individuals who possess trichromatic vision, which relies on three primary color receptors, tetrachromats boast an additional cone cell. This unique genetic advantage enables them to perceive an expanded spectrum of colors, allowing for a breathtaking palette of shades, tones, and nuances that are beyond the comprehension of ordinary sight.

In this artistic journey, we invite you to cast aside the boundaries of your own perception and witness the world anew. As seen through the eyes of a tetrachromat, Concetta’s skies may reveal an indigo hue that dances with cerulean, the petals of a rose may unfold in a tapestry of crimson and magenta, and a sunset might ignite with an ethereal blend of fiery oranges and cascading purples. She commits to canvas what she actually sees.

With each turn of the page, you will embark on a sensorial odyssey, unveiling the subtleties of color relationships and experiencing the profound emotional impact that these chromatic symphonies can evoke. Prepare to be captivated by how each painting is amplified by the exceptional use of composition, subject and brushstroke – Concetta is truly a modern-day Master painter.

Whether a collector of her work, a beloved student or simply curious, “Chroma Revealed: A Tetrachromat’s Journey through Art” serves as a testament to the kaleidoscope of possibilities that art and color hold. It is an invitation to explore the infinite dimensions of the human visual experience and to celebrate the extraordinary diversity of perception that exists within our world.

So, join us as we embark on this breathtaking expedition, where art and science converge, and where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Open your eyes and heart to the splendor of color as you journey alongside a tetrachromat through the rich tapestry of artistic expression. Let “Chroma Revealed” guide you into a realm where the boundaries of color dissolve, and the beauty of the unseen becomes illuminated.

Wendy L Martin, MD / Chapel Hill, NC / 2023



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