Hi Concetta– I have your beautiful painting on my wall– loving it! Thank you for the lovely note on the back. I treasure it.

– Mrs. Pam Christiansen & Dr. Robert Christiansen, Antico Collectors

Best wishes today for your True Colors show, I’m sure it’s going to be spectacular! I am excited and proud that Baby Super Moon will show himself in all his glory. I can’t wait to gaze upon him for hours and hours – he is just mesmerizing.

– Sandrine Martin, PA, Antico Collector

Very well done video and the tie-in to your PAINTINGS!!! After all, it shows that the gift goes BOTH ways. You were given a gift and in turn you are giving us a gift through your paintings. Love it!

Denise Strahm, San Diego, CA

This BBC article is fantastic… I love the photo comparison of what you see differently from the rest of us… that really helps in understanding the differences. And I feel the same way that the other student does – I definitely see more colors because of your training and guidance! xoxox

– Kristin Ferguson, La Jolla, CA

Concetta gave me a very special gift.  Because of her encouragement, ability as an artist and educator, and patient acceptance of my process, I discovered artistic talent I never knew I had.  What a special thing – – to be able to help others uncover and develop artistic talent.  I am so grateful to have found her, and for her continued guidance as I develop my skill.

– Molly, San Diego, CA

I heard you on the radio the other night. Before I knew it was you, I heard your voice and thought, “I know this voice.” Great piece, you continue to shine and inspire. Cheers!

– Lori Mathios, Corporate and Community Development Officer, Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation, San Diego

“Hi Concetta, I found your site via a science blog’s post about tetrachromacy. I loved the work that I saw on your site! Simply stunning and perhaps I am biased based on my reason for finding you, but to me it looks like your ability to perceive UV light is communicated through your art.”

– Ray Sarno, Los Angeles

“Such Beauty! Your art is amazing. It actually undulates when I look at it. It makes my brain tingle. I have never had such a visceral response to art. Your paintings look 3D in a way similar to a hologram. I LOVE your work!”

– Erika Masters

“Gods of Olympus, this is incredible! You’re amazing, keep doing more of that and don’t stop. throw me more paintings! Mooooar /o/!!!”

– Gabriel Carvalho

“Your artwork is gorgeous! I’m glad you’re getting this recognition! It’s well deserved!”

– Kendall M. Nolan, MacPherson’s, San Francisco, CA

“Youhou…can’t wait to have my painting! I showed your site to friends at work yesterday and one my friends in my building last night. Everybody is mesmerized!! I really like the painting of Koala in the tree!! My God it’s a beautiful painting!!! (upon receiving her painting…upon which she immediately bought another…)

– Andie Stowe, Antico Collector, Vancouver, Canada

“Wow! What a fantastic article in the BBC Future! It’s wonderful that your uniqueness has finally been recognized! Big kiss.”

– Patricia Mauduit-Macaigne, Van Cleef & Arpel, Paris France

“Greetings to you Concetta, I’ve had the privilege of viewing your artwork and am moved by them. In your artistry there is to me a new definition of color. The colors in between the typical colors, and like you say, super colors. I see them and wonder what do they look like without the internet in between iris and canvas? Would you be able to show me these works sometime? I’m actually not too far from San Diego (Encinitas) and I’d certainly feel privileged at the opportunity.”

– Ryan Hood, Antico Fan, Encinitas, CA

“Concetta. It’s your time to glow.”

– Patty Ducey-Brooks, Publisher & Executive Editor, Presidio Sentinel

“Concetta, Congratulations on your museum exhibit! I’m thrilled for you!!!”

– Dr. Kimberly Jameson

“Wow! Congratulations on your Women’s Museum of California exhibition. That is very exciting news.”

– George Stern George Stern Fine Arts, Beverly Hills

“Concetta is an excellent teacher and artist. Her work is truly amazing having a depth of color that is unique and unmistakably Concetta’s. She teaches her students with caring, patience, and expertise that produces amazing results for the aspiring artists.”

– Jean Stern, Director, The Irvine Museum, California

“…It was especially important for me to give the most beautiful calendar I could find …when she took the calendar out of the cellophane wrapper, she was in awe and fingered and eyed every month with much admiration and attention. She commented on the different compositions and techniques and with each picture she found more to talk about…your work brought her back to life. But the best of all was that after she saw your calendar, she sighed, took a big breath, turned to me and said, “Ok, let’s dance.” Cheers Concetta for being the artist and painter you are, and the joy you spread in your beautiful works.”

– Wendy L. Martin, MD, San Diego

“Wow! You have a real talent young lady! I think your book is what is going to put you over the top! Congratulations! Very creative writing! Maybe another branch to your ever growing tree of life :)”
Paul Strahm, Fine Artist, San Diego

“You are a natural! We really enjoyed your demonstration yesterday. You are a natural communicator/motivator. You articulate your ideas well with a good amount of wit. It’s inspiring to watch you paint a 24×36 canvas in under 3 hours! Also, you a very photogenic! You look good on and off camera! Keep this ball rolling! I think it’s your destiny!”

– Paul and Denise Strahm, San Diego, CA

“Concetta, excellent – good to see you contain yourself so professionally on FOX 5 today! Extremely well-spoken too. I’m hard to impress and I was very impressed by how well and smoothly this came off. Bravo.”

– Jacob C. Reinbolt, Procopio Law Firm, San Diego – Attorney to Concetta Antico & Deepak Chopra

“Great site  Concetta – you impress. I have just come from visiting the sunshine of your spirit that is your online home. You are an intriguing soul whose efforts inspire. I was blessed to have the opportunity to experience your greatness and know your truth. I honor and celebrate who you are and what you do. Know that you have a significant and meaningful impact on the lives of others. I found everything to be beneficial. Thankyou forging your path in a way that enriches and empowers.I wish you a journey where you delight the imagination and cultivate joyful awareness. May you activate your creativity as you inspire the spirit and May you open the door to serenity as you embody the beauty of your essential self.”

– MICHeal the Ancient One.

“I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed the first two classes.  I was so excited last night and told my husband “it’s really starting to look like a bird!!!”  🙂  I’m so grateful that you have come into my life.”

– Bethany Heinz, New Student to the Salon of Art, San Diego

“My mother received your 2015 calendar. She was tearing up as she thanked me for such a beautiful gift with such perfect words from the artist written on her birthday month. She was amazed at the beauty of your paintings. She said she took her time going through each one and decided her favorite was the February painting. Again your special gift of painting and writing has touched another human being deeply. I love you and count myself blessed to have you as my instructor and friend.”

– Nancy Richardson, Grossmont Hospital Nurse, San Diego

“Just wanted to say having just seen your work on your website, that it’s absolutely blown me away. Speaking as someone completely inept at art of any form, your pieces are both sublime and awe inspiring. No other purpose to this message other than unbridled admiration and the hopes that you continue to produce such masterpieces. Although I’ll never be able to afford one of your pieces, just knowing that such wonderful labours of life exist in the world is a comforting thought.”

– Ben MacDonald, London, England

“Thank you so much for your time. It was a sincere pleasure meeting you – your life and art is such a dream and it was a joy to get a peek into what you see!”

– Natasha Zouves, Reporter Channel 10 News San Diego

“I read, with great pleasure, the article of su casa in the recent San Diego Magazine and I also saw later in that issue “things to do in San Diego” including a plein air painting with you!!! You look lovely and they shot your house very nicely. Thinking of you.”

– Ric, Richard Matthews, Dean Math & Sciences, Mesa College

“C, How do you do it all? You are amazing. I thought I was good. You make me look like a beginner. I need some lessons! Cheers!”

– Susan Fielder & Associates, Inc. “Ideas that Work”, San Diego

“WOW – I received an invite to rate you for your virtual biz card and realized that even though we have 148 connections in common and you and I are connected I had never seen your work……soooo I went ahead and simply Googled you and looked at images of some of your art work. I want to tell you……Wholly Molly!! I love your work…..in fact you might even be one of my new favorites. You really have a beautiful talent. Is your work in a any local galleries or somewhere I can see it in person?”

– Kim Balesteri, Hypno Healing Center

“Thanks Concetta… was a sweet evening and I saw lots of old friends… your compassion and enthusiasm is infectious. Wish you further success and hopefully partnership for the future.”

– Penny Hill, SDMA Artists Guild

“As much as my dining room will seem empty I am proud to have it hang in the Women’s Museum of California. A big congratulations to you!!!!”

– Nancy Richardson, Collector, San Diego


– Telise Rodelv, Cedar Park, TX

“I am honored to be a collector of your art. There is an alchemy in your work that clearly comes out in the most whimsical and enchanting way. I feel that your time of renown and acclaim is close at hand, and that in a very short time it would be impossible for me to afford to hang any of your pieces on my walls! You have paid the price and your work shows it. I know a good thing when I see it. You are a generous soul. I am still a little amazed, but very sure of my decision! And very much looking forward to seeing these pictures EVERY DAY!”

– Antico Fine Art Collector

“I had not realized before that when you have a painting of a place that is special to you – it is like living with that place every day in your home. It just warms your heart every time you see it! Thank you!”

– Antico Fine Art Collector

“You must be getting a LOT of emails this morning about the article !! And let me join in the choir about how wonderful your home is — now, that is what I call an artist’s home — I have a book called just that, and yours should be in that book! I have been sitting here looking at all the photos and imagining sitting in the “princess chair” and the chaise lounge, but most of all in the garden — I love the outdoors – but then your kitchen, what a great place and light — and the peacock draperies, wow. So really, I don’t know which is my favorite – I just like it all! The small bathroom with the whole room being a shower, that is how most of the Norwegian bathrooms are set up — small and very functional. Anyway, I am so happy for you having created and living in this beautiful nest for yourself and your lovely family — can’t believe this is your tiny little baby girl – all grown up and so much like her mother. Thank you for letting me take a peak.”

– Telise Rodelv, Austin TX

“Thanks for the invitation to attend a showing of your new works of art. All of us love your art. Your use of color presentation is simply phenomenal. Even your signature above or below the paintings are vibrant with color. You’re most certainly the finest artist of the last 200 years. I believe your work will change the manner of painting. Because of your use of colors are so different from the main stream. The works have more vibrancy. I shall never be tired at looking at your work. If Monet could have viewed your painting it probably would have effect the style of the period. Sharing your love of art.”

– M.L. Jackson, Antico Fine Art Collector

“You are amazing for the energy along with the love and support you give to all.”

– Rick Nichols, San Diego

“Terrific work. Your vision of beauty is contagious. I’m a better photographer than I was just reviewing your work. Thanks!”

– Antico Fine Art Collector

“OH CONCETTA! AMAZING…. To be free and soar around the canvas to create a Masterpiece ….a gift from God. Thank you for sharing!”

– Antico Fine Art Collector

“Whenever I rinse my wine glasses and see a flashing glimpse of indigo I think of you and hear you say “values!””

– Mark Anderson, Adventure Vacations San Diego

“Hello! I met you at perhaps an art event in La Jolla a while ago. I have recently moved to Bend Oregon but did want to say I just watched your news clip on your website! Magnificent. You have a peek into heaven…to the beauty we await. You won’t get overwhelmed with the color there:) And I am sure it will even be magnified for you! Enjoy your gift.”

– Janae Ali, Life Coach, Bend, Oregon

“Hi Concetta – yes, it’s me! And I was so thrilled to see you and discover you are doing so wonderfully well and obviously fulfilling your dreams as an artist. I knew you would from when we were young chicks! Now I am an old hen and you remain absolutely stunningly gorgeous! Do you ever come back to Sydney or are you well and truly planted over there?”

– Margot McGrath, Sydney, Australia

“Do you remember that day I sat with you as you painted plein aire – it was that lovely mission on the hills above San Diego? I remember marveling at all the colors you put into the painting – I could not see half of what you put in, and I just thought you made up the rest to make it a really great painting!? Now I see you were not kidding – no wonder your paintings are so colorful — WOW – what a great way to live!! Wish I was one of the 2%-ers! That painting is one that is always up in whatever house I live in – one of my favorites – and I will not sell it, no matter how much up in price it goes – so there!”

– Telise Rodlev, Colorado

“Love this! You not only have tetrachromacy, but charm, a flowing voice, and camera looks! Good job, Concetta!”

– Ginny Ollis, Writer & Realtor, San Diego

“My beautiful friend you are the very best!!!”

– Brunilda Zaragoza, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services CA

“I was very proud to be there. You have worked hard to achieve tis recognition and it’s was great to see you receive it. Keep up the good work!”

Paul Strahm

“Thanks so much for sending me this. Concetta’s pictures show such an understanding of color and balance.”

– Dorothea Yellott, Docent Hortense Miller Society

“Hey, Interested in your incredible work! How do I go about purchasing one of your pieces?”

– Matthew Troetti

“Thank you so much for the package discount on the classes for next year. I promise to put 110% of myself into this amazing opportunity to learn from a truly great master.  My wish and goal is for my work to be recognized and bring you honor as one of your students. It will bring me a lifetime of joy to have the bell tower painting. It is a perfect symbol of my transformation and the beauty I now see in myself. A permanent connection from you to me. Regardless I can never thank you enough for helping me to see my true self who I really love. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you,”

– Rick Nichols, Salon of Art Student & Collector, San Diego