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Concetta’s Oil Painting Workshops in San Diego



Independent Study Workshops Taught By Concetta Antico



Independent Study






Your choice of image selection. Create a masterpiece of your own with your new-found oil painting skills! Your choice! Concetta offers a fail-safe opportunity to create your most beloved image on canvas. She will guide each student through all the technical steps required for a successful result. Working at your own level means Independent Study is perfect for beginners or for students ready to stretch their oil painting “wings.”



2018 Independent Study Workshops

Tuesdays 6pm to 9:30pm
Tuesday 10/16/18 – 4 weeks from start date
Tuesday 11/1/18 – 4 weeks from start date

Thursdays 11am to 2:30pm

Thursday 10/11/18 – 4 weeks from start date
Thursday 11/1/18 – 4 weeks from start date


Oil Painting Student in San Diego



Alla Prima “WOW”






Concetta specialises in the Alla Prima painting process which allow oil painters to make a painting in just one session and to find their style! Make a flower last forever – paint it! Recreate a master work in one sitting! Working alla prima (wet-into-wet) requires a clear understanding of the process of oil painting. Being able to create painting magic by manipulating the paint with techniques is the goal of any master artist. “WOW” allows an opportunity to express individual creativity. Studio alla prima instruction offers fixed variables (light and subject), making this program a step towards painting outdoors, where the scene and light are transient.
All are welcome to dive into the wet painting process!



Oil Painting Class Shows Off Artwork



En Plein Air






Concetta offers seasonal outdoor painting programs in scenic outdoor locations throughout San Diego and Byron Bay ~ a different vista each week. One painting created each week. This is Concetta’s favorite process and source of all of her beautiful Tetrachromatic gallery works. You’ll learn everything beginning with which art supplies are necessary to color mixing! Practice techniques mastered by the Impressionists to suggestively paint trees, water, rock and sky. Capture light and shadow , determine the fundamentals of composition and design. Learn techniques for creating atmosphere, color theory, values, edges, drawing fundamentals. Understand how to simplify shapes all then combine them to interpret the essence what you see.
You will understand all fundamental techniques required to create masterpieces in one session ~ outdoors!


Private Oil Painting Instruction




For those who prefer a private instructional setting, limited individual painting lessons are available. Dates and times to suit pending Concetta’s availability. Treat yourself occasionally with a one-on-one consultation. Bring in your unfinished “obstacles!” Please call to reserve your private instruction time. Reservations required.
You’ll learn so much in a short time! It is well worth it!



Private Painting Instruction By Concetta Antico



Art Therapy through Oil Painting


Heal yourself with a fine oil painting creation which is inherently therapeutic to produce. A total mind body process. Painting allows you to relax and release stress and anxiety. Try painting today as a proven prescriptive method to better health and recovery. Art therapy is a well known remedy for many health problems and mental disorders including: Alzheimer’s, Cancer Recovery (adults & children), Stroke Recovery, Bereavement, Depression, Physical Therapy, Nervous Conditions, Stress Relief, Team Building, Disabled Services and so much more.
Concetta can help



Art Therapy Workshops Taught By Concetta Antico



Workshop Offerings


A Unique oil painting experience.
All ages ten through adult welcome.
No prior experience necessary.
All levels are welcome.
Professional studio setting.
Technique-based instruction.
Step-by-step process oriented.
Full demonstrations provided.
Advanced color theory education.
Expert super vision abilities.
Four week workshops.
Day or evening time frames.
8 students only each session. Personalized attention.
Studio and outdoor workshops offered.
Special event group offerings.
Lectures, Labs and One Day High Tea painting Events offered.
Professional artists looking to improve their technique encouraged.
Color deficient students very welcome.
Supplies conveniently available for purchase.
Seasonal workshops in San Diego, California, USA
Above all, painting is fun!
Start a new journey in creativity and spiritual enrichment today.





Please contact Concetta today to discuss the addition of oil painting to your life and start to experience enhanced well being and pure joy at
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