EMPYREAN A Color Queen Gallery - Grand Opening 11.11.2

August / 2023

Returning to her native Sydney, (after 30 years operating her USA galleries), master artist Concetta Antico unveils her rare super vision gift at her new bewitching realm.

EMPYREAN will enchant with original otherworldly masterpieces manifested with 100 million more colors than can be seen with regular vision.
Scientifically endorsed & venerated worldwide as “The Color Queen”, Concetta shares oil painted “windows” imbued with the true colors existing in our world. Now you may see them too…

Unique offerings inc. merchandise, prints, & stationaries. As muse, Concetta offers very limited tarot readings & coveted private instruction.

Visit EMPYREAN, to experience what worldwide media are raving about!

The Color Queen Farewells Tooraloo And Lands In Her Own Home Town!

July / 2023

The Color Queen has made a significant move, bidding farewell to Byron Bay after successfully selling the historic dairy farm she lovingly restored. Antico has now relocated to the bustling city of Sydney, aiming to immerse herself in the vibrant art scene and expand her audience. This transcontinental shift from San Diego to Sydney marks a new chapter in Antico’s artistic journey, as she seeks to connect with a broader range of art enthusiasts and further establish her presence in the international art community. Antico’s move to Sydney signifies her dedication to reaching new heights in her artistic endeavors and embracing fresh opportunities for creativity and collaboration.

Farewell to Tooraloo Farm

New endeavours for my art career in Sydney!

A big welcome to Sydney, my beautiful hometown!

The Color Queen Accepted As Premium Signature Artist With Nava, Australia

June / 2023

In an exciting development, acclaimed artist Concetta Antico, known as the “Color Queen,” has been accepted as a Premium Signature Artist with NAVA, Australia. NAVA, the National Association for the Visual Arts, has been a prominent advocate for the Australian visual arts, craft, and design sector since 1983. As a Premium Signature Artist, Antico joins the ranks of esteemed creatives supported by NAVA, further solidifying her position as a recognized and influential figure in the art world.

By accepting Concetta Antico as a Premium Signature Artist, NAVA acknowledges her exceptional talent and artistic achievements, while also providing her with a valuable network and resources to support her ongoing artistic endeavors. It is a significant recognition for Antico and further solidifies her position as a respected artist within the vibrant Australian arts community.

New Acquisitions for The Color Queen

January / 2023

Artist Concetta Antico’s captivating artworks are in high demand worldwide. Recent purchases include the mesmerizing “Devoted – Swan Lake” and “Hollyhock Gate” original oil on canvas paintings in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Art enthusiasts in Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, acquired prints of “Twilight Out The Palms” and “River Rock Gully“, while a beautiful “Lilac Roses” print now graces a collector’s wall in Montezuma, Iowa, USA. Antico’s talent shines internationally with the acquisition of “One Glorious Gladioli” in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and “Jellyfish” in College Station, Texas, USA, accompanied by the book “All This and Heaven Too!” Collectors worldwide continue to be enchanted by Antico’s masterpiece “A Sea Full of Stars“, showcasing her exceptional vision and creativity.

Devoted… (Swan Lake)

Hollyhock Path

Twilight Over The Palms


All This And Heaven Too..

A Sea Full of Stars