Her Process

Understanding the process by which Concetta works is paramount to an appreciation of her mastery with the oil medium. The miracle happens in a mere amount of time in which any bystander can view it and be totally amazed! She often creates her paintings with a live audience, and to their delight the painting unfolds before their eyes. Perfect shape, color and value support strokes placed perfectly, with no re-working.

Unfolding in “stages”, it soon becomes apparent that Concetta’s system is step-by-step one. A veritable roadmap of where she is going from the first step to the last is crystal clear. All of her masterpieces are created in just one sitting in the “Alla Prima” modality. Wet-into-wet paint is wielded in such a deft way that it could only happen with a master’s touch.

Produced without changes, Concetta states she births her creations on canvas, and they are perfect in their natural state.

The painting to the right, now in a private collection, is titled “The Lost Boudoir”. It is 20×24 inches and was produced in just 5 hours, without error, or modification. The images show Concetta’s rudimentary outline, followed by her process of blocking-in, then finally building-up layers of wet paint to complete all details.

Private Collection of The Artist’s Son
“The Cat’s Meow” – 24×36

Private Collector Collection
“The Reflecting Pool of Narcissistic Love” (Vaucluse House, Sydney, Australia) 30×36

The Old Garrison Church, 1839, The Rocks, Sydney, Australia. Size: 36×48

Cutieburra (Sits in the Old Gum Tree…). Size: 16×20

Peacock Tango! Size: 40×60.

Who’s a Pretty Cockie? Size: 18×24.