Course Overview – Oil Painting Instructionn

Whether beginner, or professional, all painting students will be introduced to the fundamental oil painting materials and unique methodologies by Concetta Antico, master artist in the oil painting medium.    No experience is needed to be highly successful in this course. Known as The Color Queen due to her scientifically endorsed Tetrachromacy, (the ability to see 100 million more colors the those with regular vision), making Concetta is the consummate color expert! She will impart her knowledge in this area to her students through the course.  

Concetta has instructed over 25,000 students for over 30 years in the USA and now in Australia. 

The course will be a “Four Stage Process” taught step-by-step which will result in a successful completed oil on canvas painting.

 The Four Stages will  consist of:
Stage One:
  • Explanation of fundamental oil painting materials and their use
  • Instruction on composition another painting elements
  • Preparation of a 6 -Value palette system for color mixing and value creation
  • Understanding the process required to create an oil painting
  • Breakdown & outline of the subject
  • Correct color and value selection 
  • Block in of the outline
  • Creation of the underpainting
Stage Two:
  • Revision of materials particularly brushes 
  • Analysis of underpainting shapes and methods to correct them
  • Initial development of the underpainting working from back to front
  • Initial development of the underpainting working from dark to light ( or light to dark) 
  • “Double Darking” certain areas for opaqueness
Stage Three:
  • Continue to build up the painting from the underpainting
  • Additional help with color mixing and color theory
  • Adding values and depth will bring greater dimension
  • Discussion on “Poetic” brushwork and methods to express design
  • The painting starts to “turn the corner” 
Stage Four:
  • Continue build-up of the painting
  • Check edges for correct placement or overlapping errors
  • Add local color for POP in focal point areas
  • Adding your signature!

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