Concetta’s Credo

Follow Your Bliss

The essence of my heart is all about soul living and being who you ARE. Realizing and enjoying what is free! The beauty of this great earth, being at one with your own creative force, following your bliss, going without and thereby having everything! Life is about family, love and spending time together, not spending money on trends.

Described as “The anti-designer,” I prefer to be the artist, the muse. The one to lead the charge against technology, driving straight to the heart. I help the poor be happier with less and the rich want to be poor and happy but real. My calling is to embody the authentic joy of a scented rose, a golden sunset, a child’s laugh and a picnic of leftovers on the grass with the one you love.

Art will show the way. Bring health and abundance. Everyone’s own innate gifts will be the fuel to personal happiness and fulfillment.

Live Artfully!

Who's your inspiration...