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IFLScience Covers Concetta’s Tetrachromacy

IFLScience has written an article about Concetta’s Tetrachromacy. Check it out below!

Condition Called Tetrachromacy Allows This Artist To See 100 Million Colors

It’s always been fun to discuss whether or not people perceive colors in the same way. That can be tricky enough when dealing with individuals with normal color perception, but those who have various degrees of color blindness have a limited range. But what about those who have a greater range?

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What Colours Do You See?

Spiritual, October 2014

Spiritual News published this great bit, inspired by Concetta’s work pictured above!

We don’t all see the same colours. There are people affected by a condition called tetrachromacy that can see what you can’t.

Well, the words “affected” and “condition” sound inaccurate for someone that can see a full rainbow of different shades where most of us can see one or two nuances.

It is due to a gene that influences the development of the retina. Almost everyone has three types of “cone cells” in their retina. Each of them responds to a different bandwidth of light. Although the exact sensitivity may vary between people, overall one person’s colours should roughly match another person’s. The exceptions were thought to be colour-blind people, where one of the cones is faulty.

In the opposite case, an extra cone would offer a hundred different variants to each colour that humans normally see. We know that this happens in nature: zebra finches and goldfish both have a fourth cone that seems to help them differentiate apparently identical colours. They have a kind of super-vision, like people with tetrachromacy.

One of these people is the Australian artist Concetta Antico, a painter that is able through the use of the palette to let us peep from the window of her perception of surrounding colours. The picture shows one of her works.

Preliminary Results of Concetta Antico’s Color Vision Testing

This report brings together results of multiple tests of Concetta’s tetrachromat vision! She’s described as “a ‘perfect storm’ for the realization of tetrachromatic color vision” – further evidence for the world’s first tetrachromat artist. View the report with the “View Here!” button below or by clicking here!

Preliminary research report on the results of Concetta Antico’s psychophysical color vision testing and its relation to her photopigment opsin genotype.

Kimberly A. Jameson PhD
Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences
University of California, Irvine

Alissa D. Winkler PhD
Department of Psychology
University of Nevada, Reno

Exhibit At ArtSD in Balboa Park This November

This November I have the honor of exhibiting at Art San Diego in the Balboa Park Activity Center. Art SD is a fantastically coordinated show that is in its fourth year and this year the theme is It will showcase work from 80 artists and I will be the only Tetrachromat so come see the plethora of color in my original paintings.

Art SD in Balboa Park will run from November 6 through 9, 2014. You can find me at booth number 605 where I will display my original oil paintings. It is expected that 15,000 people will attend the show so come early and explore all the show has to offer!

To get to the show route to the Balboa Park Activity Center on 2145 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101. The opening night will debut the first preview, November 6th: 5 – 7 pm and a special event for VIP ticket holders takes place November 6th: 7 – 9 pm.


  • Friday, November 7th: 12 — 8 pm
  • Saturday, November 8th: 12 — 8 pm
  • Sunday, November 9th: 12 — 5 pm

Super Vision Special on CBS Spreading the Word About Tetrachromacy

I was so excited to meet with lovely CBS reporter Alicia Summers at my Solo Exhibition in Liberty Station to talk about Tetrachromacy. Being a tetrachromatic artist and teacher is a unique experience and ultimately it was my life’s work in art that lead me to find out I have this rare gift. A big thank you to CBS for sharing my work and special SuperVision with San Diego!

Having this unique gift of Supervision has been a blessing in my work as an artist and allows me to see colors that others do not see. It is considered a genetic eye mutation which just shows how unique mutations really are. You never know when something unusual about a person can be their greatest asset. My color vision has allowed me to flourish as an artist. I love to show admirers how I craft my work by performing as a painter for others to see as I did on the CBS broadcast.

As a Tetrachromat impressionist artist I am inspired by the natural Earth. The colors surrounding flowers is something delightful compared to hard, unnatural items like the things you find in a grocery store! When my vision evaluated by Dr. Jay Neitz, a well-known color vision researcher, I was told I can process more than 100 million colors compared to the average person who processes only 100,000 to one million. Now I am involved in another study with researchers from UC Irvine to learn more.

Inspired by the Super Vision Soiree and all my Supporters

I had such a great time with all of my friends, collectors, and VIP’s at the Soiree! It was a beautiful experience and I am still reveling in all the positive energy and inspiration. It was truly an honor to see everyone and share my Super-Vision-Announcement-Posterwork. As I said during my speech, sharing my work makes me feel proud and gives me inspiration and ideas for approaching my next pieces. The world is a beautiful place and I cherish sharing my vision and life’s work with the people who admire it most. Right now I feel a unique opportunity in the world as I speak of my experience as a Tetrachromat. People have been very receptive and interested to learn more. As an artist I cherish my unique way of looking at a world. As a Tetrachromat I have sublimated what was at times overwhelming stimuli into a Supervision power that fuels the growth of my artistic work. What I love most is that I can share values with you, my friends and supporters. Nature is beautiful and I think we all have this in common. Thank you for all your meaningful support and well wishes. I am always inspired most by my beautiful family, friends, collectors and community of growing art admirers.

BBC Article About Tetrachromacy is Promoting Beauty in the World

I have always known that I see the world a little differently. It has been my plan all along to cultivate my career as an artist to share the beauty I see in the world. It is more exciting than ever to learn about the genetic origins of my special supervision and have a new perspective to share about my perspective! The BBC article about Tetrachromacy and me specifically as a Tetrachromat is as much an honor as it is insightful.

When I realized the colours I see so vividly are invisible to others it was a life changing moment. A mix of thoughts and feelings embraced me as I pondered the possibilities of other peoples’ realities. I think of my daughter who by a twist of fate is color blind and I am inspired to find a way to express visual beauty in a way she can enjoy.

It is my dream to develop a training system to help all tetrachromatic children realize their potential and I am so happy the BBC wrote an inspired article to share this vision. I think the opportunity to promote unity and peace by admiring different sensory capabilities is a beautiful part of joining this conversation on a global news network like the BBC.