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Treehugger: Nature Blows My Mind!

Nature Blows My Mind! Genetic Mutation Gives this “Tetrachromat” Artist Superhuman Color Vision

Treehugger, Nature Blows My Mind

Though tetrachromacy is found in some fish and bird species, one human example exhibiting this rare condition is San Diego-based artist Concetta Antico. According to Oddity Central, while most humans can only see around 1 million colours — using three types of cone-shaped photoreceptor cells in the eyes — tetrachromats like Antico can potentially see up to 100 million colours.


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Tetrachromatic research is new and amazing science.  The fact that the super vision genotype can exist and can be “grown” to its greatest potential in a human being is groundbreaking news. The fact that I am a master artist who has taken the gift to another level, and who, through my work can portray the gift on canvas for others to see and witness, is of world interest.

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