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Spring Book List: The Art of Happiness and Runny Babbits in the Garden

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Hello Lovelies!

Isn’t spring the perfect time to curl up in the garden with a good book? Now that my wisteria is in full bloom, I love to sit amongst the flowers and trees, breathe in the fresh air and pour over one of my favorite reads.

In the words of English writer and poet, Martin Tupper, “a good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever,” and I’ve never found that to be more true than when I read something that inspires and teaches me.

Here is a brief list to share of my favorite books, in hopes that you too can find some quiet time, from my bookshelf to yours:

The Art Spirit by Robert Henri – a lovely summary of the essential beliefs and theories of this great teacher and American artist.

The Second Chance Dog by Jon Katz – a wise, uplifting memoir of finding love against all odds, and the power of second chances for both people and dogs.

The Borrowers by Mary Norton – a children’s fantasy novel featuring a family of tiny people who live secretly in the homes of regular people and borrow things to survive.

Whole by T. Collin Campbell – a new take on nutrition, exploring why a whole food, plant-based diet is the healthiest way to eat.

Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein – a fun collection of poems and drawings perfect to share with the kids.

Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss – a thought-provoking book detailing how to think and feel so that what you think and feel creates happiness and vibrancy in your life rather than gloominess or depression.

Happy reading!


2015 Color Trends: Pastels Perfect for Home

Concetta Home Lilac

My own 100 Year Old Pastel Inspired Sun Room Shines with Lavender and Green

Hello Lovelies!

As you may know, each year paint companies such as Behr and Sherwin-Williams, as well as color trend experts, assess which hues will be on trend in fashion and decor. This is a most exciting time, and I always look forward to seeing what shades will be the “it” colors of the new year. According to Pantone, for 2015, the hottest colors in home decor are pastels, and while I have loved these softer, sophisticated colors for my own home for years, as you will see in the photo above, I am so glad to see the rest of the world now embrace these more gentler hues. For inspiration on how to take advantage of this year’s decorating trends in YOUR home, here are some perfect applications of these creamy colors.

Blush Interior Decor

Beautiful blush works best off-set by white cornices and trim. While somewhat muted, pink walls give a room a pretty, pensive touch! As seen on

Pop of Peach INterior Decor

Who doesn’t love a pop of peach in a bedroom or guest room? This hue might be a bit much for a space in its entirety, but why not as an accent wall or accessories in a book shelf? As seen on


Is there anything more magnificent than mint for a master bath or powder room? Whether you incorporate a delicate wall paper or just a glossy matte, this delicate hue gives way to relaxation and serenity. As seen on Eclectic Living Home.

Sky Blue Interior Decor

And finally sky blue. This ethereal, cool color choice evokes a more minimalistic air and is wondrous for a living room or sitting room in which contemplation is in order.

How do YOU plan to incorporate these subtle tones into your own decor? I’d love to hear!







Top 5 Tips for Tapping into Your Inner Artist

Concetta Antico Cockie

Hello Lovelies!

Julius Caesar, the builder of the great Roman Empire, was known to have said that creating is the very “essence of life.” Truly our ability to outwardly manifest the beauty in our souls and the beauty that surrounds us is one of life’s most precious gifts. Whether you are a painter, as I am, or a sculptor, a graphic designer, a decorator, a photographer, a gardener, or just a doodler, enhancing your own personal creativity will give life more meaning and more purpose.

As I tuck myself away in my studio this week to complete the works (“Who’s a Pretty Cockie” shown in its stages above is just one of the paintings that will be revealed next Saturday) that will be a part of my Australian collection, to be unveiled Saturday, March 28, I once again savor the moments of being able to paint. I love the quiet stillness, the smooth strokes of my brush against the canvas, and my mind swirling with vibrant energy and color.

In effort that you too can experience the joy of creating, here are my secret tips for finding your own inner artist:

Determine What Inspires You

For me it could be a full blown rose or an old 1920’s truck left to rest and rust in tall country grass. Beauty is everywhere – and when I spy it, I must capture it. I usually know what the subjects of my next paintings will be because I will see something and my heart will skip a beat and I will be full of excitement and anticipation. I even keep a collection of photos and clippings, sometimes treasuring them for years before the time finally comes to paint them. Find what is beautiful to you.

Clear Your Mind 

Before I can create, I must have my house in order. Weeks before I have a show, I will work to make sure all of my personal loose ends are taken care of – from making sure the dishes are put away to my bills being in order. This allows me to focus on my creative efforts without worrying about the nitty gritty details of every-day life which often add stress and worry – two things that will kill creativity every time.

Find a Quiet Place

Before you start, find a refuge from the distractions of the world. For me that might be my salon, other times I find myself painting in a charming outdoor locale. Wherever you decide to go, make sure your surroundings are serene, uncluttered and open. This will allow your mind to be at rest and not be too caught up in the objects that surround you. Perhaps it would help to put on a little music as well, I always paint to music, with whatever genre suits my mood best.

Trust in Your Heart

Once my first brush step is placed, I always stay the path, for as many hours as it takes. Stroke after stroke, my mind is swimming with elements and colors almost as if I am working with pieces of a puzzle, until eventually it is complete.  A painting you see, simply finishes itself. When the last stroke is placed, it is like the end of a prayer. It is done because you feel that it is done. You just know deep inside.

Marvel at the Masterpiece

Sometimes I do a little dance of celebration after I finish a canvas and other times I simply stare in wonder at the awe-inspiring result. Each and every piece of art that we create is in essence born and alive, a life-force of its own that will last forever. Praise and applaud each and every creation – and as you delight in the wonder and magic of your artistry, you will open yourself to creating more.

What other tips do YOU have for finding and enhancing your own personal creativity? I’d love to hear them!


Spring Cleaning…On Canvas Anyway…

Concetta Spring Cleaning

Hello Lovelies!

What could welcome the dawn of a new season and a fresh start more than an annual spring clean? For many, the enjoyment comes only after the work is done, with feet finally propped up, and the ability to survey a cleaner, more functional living space. For me, the joy of spring cleaning is being able to see my new full blown wisteria more clearly through sparkling glass windows, having my kitchen more in order to be able to cook for my family and friends, and the closets reorganized to make way for more board games to play with my children on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Inspired by the magic a simple dust pan and broom can bring, I encouraged my students at The Salon to take a try at painting these simple housekeeping tools the past couple of weeks. Today we finally completed our Clean Sweep program, and here I am putting the finishing touches on my own. Almost makes you want to jump up and dust and mop, doesn’t it?

Now if only my actual spring cleaning was complete! How are YOU celebrating the warmer weather? I’d love to know!





What Matters Most: My Personal Credo


Hello lovelies!

As I write this week’s post, I am still smiling at the thought of the great fun my children and I had riding bikes yesterday afternoon. Peeking our heads out of the door after sitting inside all weekend due to the rain, we squealed with delight to find my garden bathed in beautiful, warm sunshine once again. With the wind whipping through our hair, we sailed through the neighborhood, with an occasional chime of our bell to greet passersby. It was an hour of marvelous simplicity, sheer joy, and a reminder of what truly matters most.

It brought to mind my personal credo that lives permanently on and guides everything I do:

The essence of my heart is all about soul living and being who you ARE. Realizing and enjoying what is free! The beauty of this great earth, being at one with your own creative force, following your bliss, going without and thereby having everything! Life is about family, love and spending time together, not spending money on trends.

Described as “The anti-designer,” I prefer to be the artist, the muse. The one to lead the charge against technology, driving straight to the heart.

I help the poor be happier with less and the rich want to be poor and happy but real. My calling is to embody the authentic joy of a scented rose, a golden sunset, a child’s laugh and a picnic of leftovers on the grass with the one you love.

Art will show the way. Bring health and abundance. Everyone’s own innate gifts will be the fuel to personal happiness and fulfillment.

What is your personal credo? I’d love to hear it! In the meantime, go spend today with the ones who matter most. You won’t regret it.


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5 Essential Lipstick Colors and How to Wear Them

Hello Lovelies!

As an artist and an expert on color, as well as someone that tends to be more bold in my hair and makeup look, I often have women asking me for tips (which I absolutely love!). One particular reader told me she’s completely bored with her cosmetic routine and asked how she can introduce more color into her beauty world. I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to create more of a statement look is to wear brighter lipstick, with an unexpected splash of color to make your ensemble and your lips really standout. Inspired by her note, I thought I’d share with you my own guidebook for mixing shades of lipstick with your wardrobe – remember the key to making a statement is to tastefully implement unexpected color. You’ll be amazed at the results, I promise!

If Your Outfit Is Yellow …
Pair With: Red or Fuchsia Lipstick


Yellow, the color of juicy ripe lemons, a luxurious pat of butter, cheery daffodils beckoning the onset of spring. This color is bold and when done well, can be an absolute vision as seen on Miranda Kerr. While the red and yellow combination might make you think of a particular restaurant chain, these shades compliment each other quite well when paired together as they are both bold, primary colors. Try a red or fuchsia lip and be prepared to turn heads!

If Your Outfit Is Blue …
Pair With: Orange or Red Lipstick

Amy Adams orange lipstick

Blue denotes pensiveness, calm, amazement, and this is seen beautifully on Amy Adams. As orange and blue are both complementary colors (meaning they are opposite of each other on the color wheel) wearing them together creates a gorgeous look. If you are hesitant to go full orange, try a red lipstick with orange hues. You will never look at that blue dress or blouse the same.

If Your Outfit Is Green
Pair With: Red or Fuchsia Lipstick

2014 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour

Green, the color of life, of prosperity and security. Mindy Kaling continues to show her many talents on-screen and her pops of color are really making a difference now on the red carpet. You might think pairing green and red would only be appropriate for a festive Christmas party, but not so! As red and green are also complementary colors, pairing a classic red lip with an emerald green dress is a show-stopping look you too can try.

If Your Outfit Is Red …
Pair With: Pink or Red Lipstick

Heidi Klum red dress

Red, the expression of passion, love, and action. You might think a red lip paired with a red top is overkill but as seen on Heidi Klum, perhaps because it’s unexpected, it looks absolutely fabulous. Pink is also in the same color family as red and can be worn for a softer, more feminine look. Give it a try and fall in love with yourself in the mirror all over again.

Inspired? Ready to try it on your own? Send me your photos of how you match your lipstick color to make a bold statement – I’d love to see them!


A Glimpse into the Eye of a Tetrachromat


Hello Lovelies!

I simply can’t get enough of the post written on me by “Outside the Lines,” a wonderful blog written by SegTech, a company devoted the Image Segmentation technology, Segmation. In describing my my life’s work and dedication to being the first scientifically authenticated tetrachromat artist, they express my gift of seeing 100 million more colors than the average person in this way:

“Concetta’s days begin at the sight of color. The moment she opens her eyes she feels inspired by the color variations outside her windows and inside her home. Even the different fibers found in her wood floors can captivate this color connoisseur.”

This image pays tribute to that marvelous depiction – and my passion for finding the color in my world as soon as I wake up and greet each beautiful morning.

How do you find the color in your world? I’d love to hear!



Concetta Antico’s Interview with Viva Glam

“If you wish to understand the truth and beauty of our world – see what I paint.”

Concetta Antico has changed the realm of art and science quite literally through her eyes. Born with the ability to see more of the color spectrum than the average human, Concetta possess’ a unique combination of genetics and skill that allows her to share through her artwork a glimpse of this providence. Concetta is the World’s First Tetrachromatic Artist, being the “The Perfect Storm” for functioning Tetrachromatic sight; truly having the gift of super vision.

In December 2012, Dr. Jay Neitz, a world-renowned leader in the field of color vision, discovered that artist Concetta Antico was a “Tetrachromat”, someone possessing this incredibly rare genetic gift. Tetrachromats have four color receptors in their eyes instead of the usual three. Because the trait is found on the 23rd chromosome, only women have the ability to carry this genetic predisposition. This “super vision” allows Concetta to see up to one hundred million colors, where the average human only sees one million. Antico’s case is so unique; she is currently being studied by scientists in order to help find a solution for color blindness.

It’s believed only two to three percent of the world’s population has this gift, and of those, far fewer are professional artists. Concetta’s vision allows her to see very subtle color variations, differentiations that normal vision simply cannot perceive.

“My natural visual world is breathtaking. The world is so vibrant and stimulating to my eyes, allowing me to paint what I see, what I love the most, and what I live. The beauty I surround myself with is my daily muse.”

Immersed and fascinated with color since she was a small child, Antico recalls one of her earliest artistic recollections was “the desire to paint a wooden fence in pre-school over and over again with water, as only I could see the myriad of rainbow colors produced!” In her youth, those around her would always notice and comment about her use of color. Years later, Concetta started her lifelong dream to be an artist and instructor. She began a school 25 years ago, and students would comment on her use of color “I thought it was simply due to my expertise and 10,000 hours. In about 2006 a student sent me an article on Tetrachromacy and said “I think you are one of these!”.”

Concetta dismissed it as being wishful thinking, however several years after that another student, a doctor of Neurology said there was “alchemy in my artwork she could not explain. Antico laughed and blurted out, “maybe it is my fourth receptor”, citing the earlier article. I said it as a joke…”

Her student, a research scientist, sent Antico several scientific articles to read. One of them stated that a woman who could birth a color blind female offspring has the potential to be a Tetrachromat. Concetta’s daughter was colorblind, “so the penny dropped. I reached out to the scientists in the article. They tested me, put me in Japanese documentary and the rest is history.”

Although she had no idea early on in her life and career, Concetta knew her unique trait had affected deeply the subjects she felt passionate enough to paint throughout her life. “I am so drawn to color and the subject matter that screams color to me when I see it. Often I see something and I must paint it – it moves me emotionally – I am mesmerized by it.” Concetta has been known to run for her easel and paints to catch a sunset or a still-life that she sees when she walks into a room. Whether it be picking flowers or setting up still lives.

Being a native Australian has had its perks in Concetta’s life growing up. “Australia is a land which is bathed in sunlight and amazing uniqueness in flora and fauna. It is spectacular in its natural beauty. Combine a Tetrachromacy and this natural explosion of visual vistas and you have… me! It was hard to escape it. I was a wild-child outdoor mini-hippie chick growing up barefoot in the grass… the ultimate in artistic visual bliss!” Having recently purchased a 12 acre heritage property in Byron Bay, Australia – one of the country’s largest art hubs, Concetta began a project that include the restoration of a 100 year old federation style farmhouse, Rose gardens, orchard and veggie garden. “[A]…lifestyle exists here where art and creativity are the creed! I hope to create a farm-stay mecca that will draw art and country lovers from all over.”

The United States is Concetta’s other home, having spent half her life on this side of the hemisphere in Los Angeles first, then San Diego. She created and ran her Salon of Art School for over 20 years, sharing love and knowledge to the benefit of others. She believes that everyone can learn to paint, that it is simply a process to be learnt like mechanics, golf, macramé or cake decorating.

After teaching over 20,000 people how to paint, Concetta has helped her students gain a greater understanding of every aspect of their vivid visual world. “They learn to find bliss and get in touch with themselves. The process is intrinsically therapeutic. To learn to paint is a gift. Everyone should do it.” Concetta’s Tetrachromacy is out to great use in the art classroom. When she instructs and says “see the pink on that rose leaf there, soon after pointing it out, they can! They might not have seen it otherwise…”.

The Tetrachromatic gift coupled with her 10,000 hours as a master artist beginning in childhood has provided Concetta the ability to turn out pieces in record time.“ I can paint a large masterpiece up to 40”x60” while others are eating their lunch!” taking her gift to a super natural art producing level. Most cannot believe what they see when Concetta performs this creative feat. “…the natural way that I have developed combined with my gift of “super vision”…my brain has taken color and value to another level – visually defined in a split second and mixed in equally the same amount of time – perfect with each application – no reworking.”

Her art style is Impressionistic in style but it goes far beyond that as the color use and color combinations defy any other artwork that people have seen. “My work has been described as emoting joy, holographic, vibrating, hallucinogenic, alive, poetic, emitting energy, and a visual gift.”

Concetta has had her share of tribulations in her life that shaped her outlook in a tremendous ways. When Concetta was young, her mother passed away leaving her to fend for herself with only $3 in her pocket and nowhere to go. Experiencing hard times and homelessness to now being an internationally revered artist using her rare gift to expand the horizons of art, science, and human capability, Concetta recalls the pivotal lessons she’s encountered on her journey. “You learn the power of having a dream and never giving up on it, you remember what those who loved you, like my Mother, told me and on dark days it carries you through. You learn to endure anything and not fear change or adversity – you rise to every challenge.” Those who know Concetta well and know her story call her “indomitable”, impossible to subdue.

Antico’s message to others who may have faced adversity early in their lives is “not to give up the day before the miracle. I feel I am a testament to the fact that anything is possible if you don’t give up and believe in yourself. I hope my story helps others.”

The essence of Concetta Antico’s being is “all about soul living and being who you ARE. Realizing and enjoying what is free! The beauty of this great earth, being at one with your own creative force, following your bliss, and thereby having everything! Life is about family, love and spending time together, not spending money on trends…I would like to think that my art will inspire others to TRULY see their world and the beauty in it. That it will bring a new appreciation to what we must cherish and save.”