Color Magic

Small Ways To Bringing More Om To Your Home!


Decorating with Vibe! Meditate on your rug, on your couch, or even on your coffee table! Let your style levitate your atmosphere by using an array of arrangements and color choices to turn your home from meek to chic. Exhale the old inhale the new!


Keep it colorful! Bring the energy by adding bright yellow, green, or blue to your kitchen or living room. Try a pale palette for a more peaceful aura. For luxury thoughtfully add a pop of black or gold.


What is your intention for practice? Clear the clutter by adding containers, jars, filers and other organizing tools. Change up the flow by minimizing unnecessary items.


Find your Zen! Calm any room with luscious plants from ferns to succulents. Hang them from the ceiling to design dynamic dimensions!


Expand your mind! Any room can look bigger with patterns that create space. Use squares, stripes or simple wallpapers to stretch the limits of the Om in your home.

Harvest Your Fall Fashions Now!


Celebrate the fall harvest with a change in fashion!  As we transition seasons add a jacket or a scarf and soon trade your shorts for pants. The wind comes in, the leaves change, black cats come out, and the days get shorter.  Take in all the color options this fall and learn how to pair them with other fashion trends!


Engage length! Try a high waist pant or a long gypsy skirt to pull attention to your monochromatic look. Grab that knit top at the back of your closet and rock it as a pattern. Floral knit wear is ripe for the picking!


Colors in autumn love to mix, mingle and compliment each other! Try a Tangerine Orange and a navy blue or a deep Violet and Dijon Yellow. Remember to keep it muted! Wine and Grey are also making a stunning debut to the signature fall feel.


Flow with the leaves! Add in a seasonal punch of muted color like Hunter Green or Burnt Orange. Choose a scarf, a sweater, shoes or a purse for your punches. Connect your color to a small accent piece and pair it with some earthy accessories.


Not just any glam– Bohemian Glam! Fly into your fairy princess with long flowing skirts and every necklace you have in your jewelry box. Dig your toes in the dirt with a Spartan sandal to bring subtle attention to your toes.


Embrace Kaleidoscopes To Color Your Lifestyle!


Who remembers the kaleidoscope? Mirrors reflect the shapes and colors to make the world so dreamlike… and it moves! An invention of symmetry! Hours of colorful and patterned play! Kaleidoscopes can change reality and make you see more color combinations than you ever though possible. Buy one and get inspired by this vintage fun color apparatus! Definitely a blast from our mod rainbow past.


Fantasy Face Large cut crystal can mirror your surroundings when you hold it up to your eye or to your camera lens. Snap a rainbow filled shot to put up on your Instagram or Facebook!


Wearable Art? Try a fun, colorful pattern on your next outfit! Match it with a solid shade to enhance the look. VaVa Voom and Woohoo!


Mix-N-Match – opposites attract! These heavenly geometric artful coverings offer ideas to create color patterns and palettes inside your home. Paint an accent wall, a piece of furniture or a painting to punctuate the combined power of abstract, classical, vintage or any other décor synergy.


Learn To “See” When You Draw!


Trust your eyes!  The trick to drawing is to just create what you see.  Sometimes you need to take a step back and really look! Don’t just smell the roses, study them!  Ever detail and create what is there.  There are no tricks. Cast away your judgment and take in everything in front of you. Here are a couple tips on drawing what you “see “ for success!


Break it down!  Compartmentalize it!  Transform it into simple shapes first, silhouette style. Once you have the biggest shapes you can add in smaller shapes and finally the details. What IS the exact shape of a butterfly wing? Keep it fun, outline it only,  then add all the pretty parts later!


What is value?  It is the shades of dark to light in something and can apply to color too not just black and white.  Having a hard time “seeing” value? Squint your eyes! Believe it or not it will help you blur shapes and detail so you can see the light, dark, and shades in between much more easily.


Create some drama! Put your lightest lights next to your darkest darks to add contrast to your drawings. Shading also add depth and volume not to mention realism!

Pro tip: Use more contrast near your “focal point” that’s the place in your work where you would like the viewer to look first.


Don’t Forget the Color! My favorite!  You can express what you see through blue that glows when it is right next to the illuminating orange colors.

Color creates form and detail too!  Travel around – sketch book in hand – there are mini ones and mini pencils that can always be with you as you take in the scenes!  Great for summer travel too – so you can be create all around the globe!  Cheers from down under this week.

Create Your Own Secret Garden!

A garden’s beauty are the colors and smells that linger in your heart.


Escape your week of work and come home to an outdoor haven everyday. Adding bits and pieces of Mother Earth to your house, backyard or balcony can bring more positivity and peace to your life. Beauty creates bliss.

The oxygen produced by plants is life’s essence. In my everyday life I love to keep the rosy pinks, sunset oranges and the lavenders alive and lush throughout my surroundings


It’s easy as 1,2,3! Start with a basic layout, consider three simple parts. The furniture. The decoration. The plants and flowers.


Scour the local hardware store, you can also find decently prices outdoor furnishings for garden décor from yard sales or donation stores. The fun part is refurbishing anything you find (think lick of paint, lick of paint!) to make your garden interestingly yours. Decorate the wood or glue on garden stones or shells! Delightful!


What color dominates your patio? Find its complimentary color for their “pop”! Got Terra Cotta tiles? Then use some blues to make your floral eye candy!

Rose bushes offer cute bloom, lavender brings aromatic therapy, hydrangeas color boost and Jasmine scents your nights with passion.


No longer a patio, now it’s a piece of artwork that you can live in!


Crate it up! Easy to find at any hardware store. Paint the wood with blackboard chalk paint (any hardware store) and you have a labeled herb garden that will fit in any small space as well as bringing organic flavors. Presto!


Let there be light! “Marbles” in your fence holes will bring sunshine bling to your backyard! Patterns will dance and light will illuminate whimsically…


Candles are romantic! Let your foliage shine on with creative light ideas. Just Google and you will find them.


Don’t just drink it! Recycle your favorite wine bottles to create a self-watering system. It is the best kind of “hangover” that waters on demand!

Wondrous Wealth Of Water


No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green.” Said Sylvia Earle, and I’d have to applaud! 

Water. Our largest resource on Earth reflects our health and the most elegant colors around. 

Its arrays of blues and greens punctuate oceans , lakes, and rivers.  Add a little rain and voila! illuminate the beauty of every color…

Glacial National Park, Montana

Our bodies thrive on the benefits of water for it is  truly a gift for life. Learn more about what water can do for you and how you can use it creatively!

Japanese Water Garden

Benefit From Water 

We are mostly water. We are enhanced by it too from our skin, hair, energy and overall health we are beautified by it. 


Water is our ally to aging by relaxing our skin cells.  Bathe in cold water 2-3 mins and change your glow with lighter and brighter colors. 


Nutrient rich ocean water delivers magic to detangle, repair, and cleanse your locks from its red algae and sublime seaweed.  Cold water rinses impart extra shine!

Water is the divine drink! Add water to loose weight. With 0 Calories 0 sugars 0 carbs, flush toxins and waste from the body and it is a miracle for headaches…

Don’t wait to hydrate! When you feel thirsty you are already water depleted. So drink the purity of water everywhere you go.  A glass every few hours and with every meal will insure this heavenly elixir is added everywhere. 


Water Infusion = Liquid Artfulness 

Infused water eases stress with fruitful color and  aromatic qualities:

Refresh with lemon and cucumber to detoxify blood, boost energy and brain power as well as freshen your. breath. The Vitamin C boosts production of collagen and elastin.

Peach and Mint water is cooling and aids in mindless snacking. For more flavor add some Vanilla power. 

Crushed raspberries, pineapple and sage produce the relaxing, feel-good brain chemical serotonin.

Just add ingredients and let sit for two hours to enjoy a cooling creative water concoction. 


Ice Cube Fun and Freshness

Icecapades! Add chopped fruits and herbs to bring the freshness of the garden greens, yellows, oranges, and reds to any drink! 

Perfect for the summer! Drop a dash of color and coolness to your bland beverages. Bingo! 


Paintings In The Sand and Seashore

She sells seashells at the seashore.

Imagine yourself walking down the beach collecting seashells,  you hold in hand a palette of pinks, greens, oranges, and variations of tan that have been made pastel by the tumbling sand. A color miracle gift from the ocean. As I stand on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii today thinking about all the possible palettes you can make from these heavenly colors, I am inspired. Just as I find color creativity from these tiny gifts given to us by Mother Ocean I hope you do too. Here are some simple palettes you can use to bring the beach to you.


Bring the sunset to your living room, create an outfit, or bring warmth to your makeup with this palette. Engage with some peaches and compliment with a turquoise.



Build a sand castle in the dinning room, light up your business attire, or bring the sea to your toenail polish. With these light blues and sea foam greens you can smell the ocean from anywhere.


What’s New at “TOORALOO”?

Yoga Retreat? Spa Retreat? How about an Art Retreat?

Discover a unique way to escape the technological world and submerge yourself in a relaxing haven designed to build on your creative skills. Retreats are a great escape you can take a journey to learn more about your personal self-expression. While experiencing a place you’ve never seen before, sink into the culture and paint the sites creating your own souvenirs!

Concetta at Tooraloo Farm Stay
Concetta dreamt about such a place…

Today “Tooraloo Farm Stay” is her dream come true reality in Byron Bay, Australia. She brings her super vision, (4th receptor gift of resolving up to 100 million colors), and acclaimed oil painting education to the one of the largest art hubs around. Concetta’s supervision and creativity now spans the globe!

Tooraloo Farm Stay - Art Retreat
Our 100 Year Old Fig Tree stands guard over Tooraloo’s beauty…

“Tooraloo” means “Farewell for now” and that’s exactly what she’ll say every time she leaves one continent for another to spread her gifts. The Salon of Art will remain in San Diego while the new Tooraloo art haven blossoms in Byron Bay. Join Concetta in 2016 and discover your inner artist while living the organic farm experience of a lifetime!

E-mail here for booking info.

Click here to find out more…

Byron Bay, Australia
Majestic Byron Bay, only 6 miles away, hosts a cool blue ocean and rolling green hills the perfect mix of beach and farm life.

Paint the Night with Light – Adding Some Summer Shine

Spending more time outdoors is a must for summer and what could be more pleasant when the sun goes down than being surrounded by a little after-glow? Picking up strands of lights at your local home improvement or department store is a cinch and the possibilities are simply endless. Here are some favorite design looks I just love!

robert-hursthouse-lights-ou.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960Why not brighten up a patio umbrella with these bright bulbs? Your family will be just a little less eager to leave the table after dinner!


It’s such a snap to weave a bright light in-between your fence for an added frame of light!

Charlotte-Orb-LightingI love how this giant tree takes on a whole new light with this added luminance!

shutterstock_104506379And don’t these lighted lanterns add just a marvelous bit of cheer to an outdoor seating area!

Happy decorating!


Sacred Succulents: Keeping it Green


Plants that naturally hold a lot of water, such as aloe, agave and cacti, continue to grow in popularity due to being beautiful and almost completely indestructible. They also make great displays in the home and are relatively low-maintenance. To add a little green to your living space, pick one up at your local nursery or grocery store and follow these tips!


These small plants prefer to be in the sun so be sure to perch them on a south-facing window and watch their leaves for indications that they’re getting the right amount of light. If they turn brown or white they’re being exposed to too much sunlight, while if they start to be more spaced out that’s a clue that they’re not getting enough.


Ideally succulents prefer daytime temperatures between 70 degrees F and about 85 degrees F, while nighttime temperatures should be between 50 degrees and fifty-five degrees.


These plants should be watered generously in the summer while allowing potting mix to dry between waterings. During the water, when succulents go dormant, it’s best to cut water back to once every other month. As a rule of thumb, overwatered plants are soft and discolored while under-watered plants will simply stop growing and then begin to shed its leaves.

Potting Soils

Pot your succulents in a fast-draining mixture designed for cacti and succulents. Talk to your local nursery to make sure you are choosing the right one.


During the summer growing season, fertilize succulents as you would with other houseplants. Stop fertilizing entirely during the winter.

And oila! Add a mason jar or decorative bowl and you have the perfect drought-friendly decor!