Color Magic

Cosmetic Cravings For Your Face Fantasies

Your face is your fortunate gift, so color that pretty or handsome dial with imaginative cosmetic beauty this Summer and experience an entire new world of fun. It’s your ticket to your ultimate fantasies…


Available always, your stunning ONLY YOU HAVE face is your ultimate blank canvas of creativity. Yesterday I was skimming the cosmetic counters and WOW there is an infinite palette of colors out there waiting for your to explore – but they offer nothing unless you know how to wield them!


It’s true, forever and a day faces have launched 1000 ships, broken hearts and made us laugh. They have lured, and loved. They flaunt funny, give looks to kill or to crave, they portray passion. Give back the power that your face holds with added cosmetic creativity. Become yet another side of already fab you!


Cosmetic Cravings




So – who do you want to be today? Mmmmmmmm…..


Make-up transforms us into freer otherworldly gods and goddesses, out-of-the-box heroes, allows us to drop the daily drab for the dynamic what-can-be’s of our personality potentials. Take on cosmetic fantasy as your fun extension. Whether reconfiguring yourself for a day, a night or a season – bring on the glam that only color can and watch out world!


An old saying is that your face is your fortune.  I’d like to say you are fortunate to have your own individual ONLY YOU face. Trust me – what you can do with it is SO MUCH FUN!  They call me the new super vision X-Woman so I power-up my eyes making them pop with 100 million color pizzazz.  


Time to make your statement too and flaunt YOUR best feature!


X-Woman Tetrachromat Concetta Antico


Today more than ever there are so many products which conjure cosmetic magic.  Look to the brights, the lights, the glitters and the unusual!  I recently purchased a palette that was inspired by the sea to take my eyes across the ocean and melt into a sunset horizon! Corals, brightest baby blues, pale peaches and sand now sparkle on my eyes. I feel positively Mediterranean and my life became a beach – Ha!


And what about our mouths! Your smile, or softly spoken, dynamically diva or sexy speech has immediate impact! Lips wrap your laugh and entrance all who long to kiss them. So it’s time to pack your pout punch with entrancing color pleasure. Go green lipped for a craved cocktail, blue lipped for a divine dance under the stars, parade ruby red to own the dance floor or pretty in peach to picnic in that orchard with your lover.


Makeup Cravings


Whatever you crave, you can have and you can become. You can change your appearance and be transformed under the guise of your own personal color creations. A new exotic beauty “mask” will allow you to seize yet another riveting role on your stage of life.


Begin today to pamper your face with color pleasure and let the playtime begin!


Given with all the color love I can offer,




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Captivating Colors in Your World…

Hiya Color Visionaries in the making. Are you seeing them?


It’s pretty easy in your fast-paced, technologically B&W life here on the planet to miss all the beauty that color endows on it all about you. Yup – busy baby – all about you is an eye-popping color party that you are missing an invite to as you blast by!


When was the last time you became entranced with a pink blushed rose and got intimate with it? Or stopped your car to see a vanishing orange sunset while wistfully wanting to slip away with it? When did you get gaga green over a grasshopper and jump with delight over its color?


Do you stare into the gorgeous color of your lover’s eyes and comment on the intricate kaleidoscope of hues there? WOWIE – if you don’t you are missing the color boat baby! Color can swirl your head euphoric and captivate you but you have to be switched on to it.  You gotta really LOOK Love!


Summer time is the magic season to see the light that shines it all bolder and brighter and if you make it your daily color-mixing dose you will not be starving for it and what it can do to you when it stimulates your brain into a rainbow euphoria. Whoo Hoo! Hold the caffeine and get a big cuppa pigment into you as soon as you can!


Bored of your bland? Beige rage? Benign blends about your house? Switch it up with captivating color today and LIVE MORE COLOR! Hit the paint store and brush yourself to bliss with a bold color choices on the walls and furnishings that will make you sway and dance with daily delight around your hued abode! Color Rave at your place!


Dyeing to get color saturated? Take out clothes that drab and dork and hit them with bottles of color magic with dyes (think #Rit) available at your supermarket or hardware store! Or use our hue-stained veggies to stain it all – why beets work magenta in a just a moment! New bright threads BAM! Or try TIE-DYE – 60’s yourself up with some fun hippie chic and WOW your next event with  a new color-captivating you! Nails, Hair, shoes can color up too!


Start captivating your world with color and let color captivate you in your world.


No color holds barred please! Time to break our of bland and zap into otherworldly shazam shades that will be the emerald, lime, sage, turquoise or azure envy of all!


I’m waiting to see the new hued you…


Crafting more color daily for your viewing delight!


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How do you know you are wearing the wrong colors? Ever been told you look sick or tired today? No second date – ha! Or more politely “That really isn’t your color.” Mmmmmm… Yup – you may have heard this before. It’s just a nice way of saying “That color makes you look like crap.”


Truth is we all have good colors and bad colors. It ’s not that ALL colors are not GOOD – it’s just that they are good or bad depending on YOU. Some colors bring out all our best features – think vixen beauty baby! They making us look younger, healthier and more energetic – OK sign me up!

Our bad colors bring out all our worst features ( that’s scary!), making us look like we’re about to die from sleep deprivation – YEESH, and without the late night fun!  Don’t be a color collector – Gotta catch em all! Your wardrobe doesn’t need em all. So, there is a reason why – ‘cause folks come in three flavours; warm, cool and neutral. No reflection on your vibe  – no matter how cool you think you are, I’m not talking about your personality.

I’m talking about your skin-tone.  See, we all have natural undertones in our skin.

  • Warm people have yellow undertones
  • Cool people have blue undertones
  • Neutral people have no dominant undertones



Knowing your undertones you have will help you pick colors that make you look awesome (think many hot dates!) and avoid those that make you look ill. And I happen to know a quick test you can do to figure out where you belong on the warm-to-cool spectrum.

So – are you rockin’ Gold or Silver?

Grab a piece of gold and silver jewellery – which looks best on you? (Ask around if you’re not 100% sure.)

  • If gold ~ you’re warm
  • If silver ~ you’re  cool
  • If both looked equally good, you’re a neutral and LUCK-Y!


Now that you know whether you’re a warm, cool or neutral, you can figure out which colors you shine in!

  • Warm people look best in warm colors — yellow, orange and red
  • Cool people look best in cool colors — green, blue and purple
  • Neutral people look good in everything — lucky ones!


Stick to Colors That Fall In Your Camp
Note: If you want to go much deeper down this color rabbit hole though, check out this seasonal color analysis

So don’t buy, just try, try, try. Make the salespeople think you’re a lunatic.

Seeing the difference between your good and bad colors means to just need to train your eye and trust your gut, but until then, stick to your recommended colors, and color rock the hell out of them!

Confident in Color!


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Do Disruptive Hair Color! Live a Lot!

Hello Lovelies,

No it is not a dare! It’s amazing colored Hair! The new experimental must have in your fashion wardrobe. Not limited to wild and wonderful women – men are trending this look too from their hipster beards to their handsome heads.


You can rock this look with little effort. I started long ago when it was still an idea in the ether and the tend is now a wildfire of fun and fantasy!


If you’re thinking about following fun and funky hair color trends,there are many unique options to try – every color and combination of the rainbow. Suits any hair style, casual, punk or up-do there is a color and combo to suit you. Be playful and experiment with “what if’s” in the wondrous color coif world. A new you will be revealed – disrupt yourself! Find fun in a new you!


Wickedly Colorful & with Love,

Outside With Art

Hello Lovelies,

We all love art and we all love to be outside. So how do we enjoy being outside with art? Actually – the fit is divine as Mother Nature is the ultimate creator and colourist and we are all human muse.

One way is to explore the experience of outdoor painting – en plein air as the French call it.


The invigoration you feel is a rush better than a wheat grass shot! Brush in hand you can be at one with the elements, reproduce them on your canvas and urge your soul on with personal self expression. This can be enjoyed anywhere outside, in endless earthly locations.

Others may sculpt castles in sand at the beach and leave far more than their footprints. No need to be a Christo or Jean-Claude but environmental art is so readily available to explore. Go walkabout as we say down under and collect ART-ifacts to adorn as home decor or Modge Podge them to your fridge! A crafty trail awaits any artistic nature explorer and the treasures you will find along the way my inspire your next creation.


Picnics and art are also an excellent explorative duo.  When packing your next basket be sure to add sketching tools and papers to your menu.  Nothing more relaxing than doodling away in a park on a Summer’s day. Capturing a moment a la “a view to remember”.  Scouting a location? Look no further than your own backyard to conjure an otherworldly artistic installation. Drape cloth, streamers, balloons or ribbons about your house, add sculptural sparklers  and feathers to your garden bed. Paint a rainbow tree trunk or stepping stones,  (only tempra non-toxic colors of course!), food color your fountain, or paint glass votives to shine on with kaleidoscope colors after hours. Your own magical outside with art grotto.

Being Outdoor in Art will make you wish that you lived all your days barefoot in the grass,  dancing away on multicoloured lawn that is!

With love, art and planet power,

Art is You!

Hiya Radical Individual Art Innovators!


Right now it’s YOUR time to ARTSHINE everyone!

Andy W – famous for his Campbell’ s tomato soup and Marilyn iconics once said;  “Art is anything YOU can get away with!” Create on THAT! WooArtHoo!

The best thing about this statement is that you can get away with ANYTHING when it comes to art!


You are the ZAP in your power and the LIGHT in your own artistic life. No permissions, no excuses.  What is the most amazing thing of all is that it is all YOU baby! Whatever bolt of beauty comes from your fingertips is unique and astounding.  Your artistic voice can be heard and you can sing it loudly  – everywhere!

Fear has no place in your own personal self-expression.  If you can imagine it you can do it. Walt Disney once said something like this and he imagineered a fun and fab world of HAPPY!   Truly – the world misses out when you don’t create. No matter what the venue ~ sculpt, paint, design, cook, garden, sing, skip down the street, bang a pot lid, talk a tale or just walk a pink colored poodle.  You can create a life that is wondrous and you CAN get away with it all!


And don’t forget – YOU ARE ART too! Adorn YOU with color, sparkles,  feathers, dyes and tattoos!  Whatever decor floats your fashion boat and make a statement that you are special and have a place just for you on this style planet.

If you are not expressing your divine art right then you need to change that now.  Think about what you can do to leave your mark and legacy.  What makes your “Let’s Dance” as David Bowie – the ultimate re-inventor of his deific self once touted!


Find the spring in your step and the wiggle in your walk?  But do it today!

Make no apologies and run away escaping to a new and artistic YOU.

Yep – ART is YOU –  the best Muse ever!

Saying it LOUD! and with love…,

Art & Flowers

Hello Blooming and Budding Creators!


Excitedly the topic of “Art & Flowers” is my forever and ever favorite.
To decide which is more inspiring, more poetic or more creative is not possible in my beauty book! The imagination runs wild with possibilities when it comes to what can be conjured by either floral inspiration, flowers themselves, fine art embodying flowers or so much more…

Consider the still life floral subject that has survived every age and time. Still it shines immortal in the fine art frames of every generation.  From classic to contemporary – the flower is profound and portrayed in any number of ways. But flowers and art are not resigned to just the canvas – sculpture, decoupage, craft and cut-outs, dried and decorated, floated or garden bed dug and grown – flowers of every kind speak of unlimited opportunity.


What is it that has us and every generation so utterly captivated? The delicate blooms, mother nature’s designs, the magnificent array of colors, the aromas, the eye catching displays are all part of what we find floral intoxicating! That we need to use, produce or portray them is a given.   All these elements speak to us all – young or old, but particularly  the yearn to the artist in us all!


Flowers and Art is a one stop combination to fantastical methods of creation and personal creative interpretation.  The scope of uses of these gorgeously grown gifts are as endless as the earth will endow us. So whether you reach for a flower press, paper interpretation, oil painted impression, sculptural endeavour or simply seeded garden bed fantastic – remember that it is this miraculous joy from our planet in the form of flowers which has made our life, our visual pleasure and our enjoyment and our inspirations so much more wondrous!

Enjoy what you will do with this dynamic duo!

Inventively and lovingly,


Want Abundant Bliss? Be at One with Art!

Hello Lovelies:


I have found in my years of teaching the world to paint that everyone wants to know, “Does art making make us happier?”  The answer is profoundly true. Not only does the actual process of the creation of art make you more blissful, but just being by its side, a viewer of art, is a dance with joy and a harbor against depression…  It was once said by the great poet William Morris that to be truly happy you must surround yourself not just with useful but with beautiful.  It is Art which stands side by side with Nature as tangible beauty in our world – so immerse yourself in it, in both.


The University of London also joined in the singing of Art’s restorative and happy making powers. Taking it a step further, they connected the mere viewing of art with an increase in dopamine and activity in the brain’s frontal cortex.  This connection resulted in feelings of pleasure that are similar to being the throws of romantic love. What’s more, positive sensations are almost immediate when viewing an enjoyable or stirring work of art. Time to fill your walls and fill your heart at the same time! Magical Museum moments anyone?


Creating art is truly double happiness! There are two main art happiness factors that have enhanced human life for thousands of years. One is the capacity to find joy through the pleasure of invention and exploration. The other is the rejuvenation, pleasure and relaxation gained by creating useful, yet aesthetic objects. This underscores the process of creativity as both practical yet health-enhancing.

For over 25 years of teaching others how to create through art, I have had the fortunate opportunity to hear what my students of all ages consistently say. During their programs they always feel the divine intersection of art and happiness. It is a powerfully happy process! Comfort is found in art’s ability to take them outside their personal struggles, to find pride in their mastery of new skills and to discover their unrealised abilities. Happiness is reminded every time they see their creation.


So without question It seems that no greater joy can be found than through the blissful emotional connection felt in our hearts after beauty touches it through our hands or our eyes. This punctuates that “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.”

Seek beauty via art, either made or admired, and you will find happiness.



Fancy Feathers As Fall Inspiration?


Searching for something magical? The fancy this year is feathers for your imagination and inspiration!

Made by nature and gifted from birds, these treasures of multi colored softness provide a myriad of uses for everything from artwork to decor, fashion to floral, not to mention the other note worthy uses as shown above!  Script or stamp a token of affection which can be treasured forever or used to mark the page in a well read book.  The ideas are endless. Start collecting and creating today!


Bouquet with borrowed bird beauty?  Add whimsy with feathery finds to coordinate or punctuate your next floral arrangement.


Designs from mother nature.  Sing a song of praise for this ingenious bird-inspired shade! A peacock plume to dazzle and delight with light!


Paint up a storm, or a feather! Turn a single white flight to a bright with paints and pastels.  Next attach your pretty plume to a pencil or pen for a writing quill with pizzazz!


Feathers decorate any scene. Framed and fanciful they can be suspended about in any number of decorative ways. Here they are faux-framed and then illuminated as charming “artwork”. What idea do you have to make more memorable magic?


Design du jour a la feather!  Illustrate patterns and every color under the rainbow on your own feather creations.  The combinations are endless and the results each individually interesting and oh so feathery FUN!