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Battle of the Brands with REAL AZURE Eye Shadow

Azure Blue Eye Shadow – is in a class of its ocean own! But which brand out there is doing it best – and worst!?


I took a color peek to SEE the IMPACT of the REAL AZURE!


This Azure Eye Shadow gave me the dull-drums! Max Factor had minimal impact in this underwater shadow realm.


Too much yellow ochre in this mix and a little too much violet took away the azure color pop!


Battle of the Brands ~ Eye Shadow


Compare it to the fab formula that Loreal loves!


Its “Avant Garde Azure” left my eyes spellbound on a sea of azure sparkle! Offered four varieties allowing a splash of personal application creativity. The bottom left quad particularly will flaunt the eye of any mystical mermaid.


Concetta’s Color Cosmetic Tip
Team your Azure eyes with complementary Bright Coral Glitter lips and net your own Poseidon Lover at High Tide!

Try Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard


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The Color Queen Sends Raves to Paul Mitchell’s New I AM COLORFUL

The Color Queen sends raves to Paul Mitchell’s new #I AM COLORFUL amazing array of hair hue dyes! Showing a way to “Live Beautifully” by DARING to be HAIR different!


Paul Mitchell Hair Dye Hues


My eyes see stunning rainbow selections of vibrant colors as a way of exuding the magnetic attraction we can wield. Being more colorfully beautiful with a heady violet mane or exuding more intoxicating self-confidence with crimson locks rocks!


Time to be new and flaunt a fabulous hairdo turquoise blue! Forget just one when Paul Mitchell effortlessly made the realms for color makeover so easy!


I was tetrachromat tempted long ago with this lift-off trend, so happy to see it now on all ages, and even faces! Just LOVED the guy with the green beard at brunch yesterday…yummmmm!


So ban the bored and bland in hair color now! Grab these divine dazzling dyes to reinvent your look and life!  Your individual bliss will beam with mossy-green or will be luscious with lavender! Now there’s no reason to hold back the color hair craze!


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Color Your Garden Like Monet!

This Spring find Inspiration in the garden to paint and create your own floral paradise.


Monet was known to say that his famed home garden at Giverny, France was his “greatest creation”. Certainly if you have seen it, his comment was an understatement!  Color harmonies and contrasts are abundant in the many vignettes found there as you immerse yourself in Mother Natures’ beauty.  His Lily ponds were immortalized in his vividly colored impressionist masterpieces. Violet wisteria winding over his iconic green Japanese footbridge was also depicted as forever art, at varied times of the day showing the way that light plays with color reality.


Monet Garden


Carefully planned, you can use his concepts and designs as inspiration for our own floral oasis. First determine the color scheme you desire. Draw a site plan of your space and divide it up into concept areas, color code it. Research the plant types and colors you want online. Or visit your local nursery –  an excursion sure to be a soul filling day of beauty if you do!


Wisteria Painting by Concetta Antico


Be sure that the selections you make are zone (weather and soil) friendly to your home turf. After you find your seasonal and zone perfect plantings the green thumb fun begins. Is it to be all-white wondrous purity? Perhaps it will be wild with red roses and rambling green vines creating a romantic fairytale contrast? Are you a violet and blue hue lover? Is it pansies, lobelia, stock, heliotrope, bluebells, delphiniums and hydrangeas that are your petal passion?


Violet Garden Flowers


Once your garden is budding and blooming, it will be time to get out into your scented scene and determine ways to capture all this earthly beauty on ‘canvas”. Perhaps as a sketch, or even “frame” some with your photography! Tea parties are sweet and sentimental too when cakes and tastes tangle with garden gorgeousness, and you’d be surprised how many varieties you can EAT! Certainly the flowers will make their way into your heart and home by filling vases and adding pops of color to every corner of your space! They may well inspire a mini room makeover. Remember pressing or threading flowers? Making leis and headbands? With the hippie revival we are experiencing you will certainly be in the flower power groove!


Colorful Flower Garden


Remember, so much joy is created with beauty you can grow. Therapeutic, enriching, life altering, try planting flowers and color-up your own little part of paradise this season. There’s no better way to bring the poetry of the outdoors in unless you say it with flowers! And don’t forget to add praise to Monet to your garden meditations and mantras!


Floral Garden Paths


Sent with colorful beauty and blessings,


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Ab Fab Accessory Accents!‏

Adventurous accessory accents sparkle your wardrobe and make you a fashion star! The allure you’ll add to your look will roll out red carpets when you arrive! The fact is it is the adornments jewellery, belts, scarves, ties, brooches, and shoes which add the excitement to your ensemble! They break the boredom and up your fashion act! Think of a red scarf on an all black outfit – va va voom!




These Ab Fab frills will transform that all too common color into an eye enchanting extra. Alluring accents should enhance yet not take away from what you are wearing. Accents must be done right. Earrings are an eye catcher! Solitary in their position they highlight your face as well as your clothes. They are a stand out! Use statement colors and oversized designs to really bring the attention to your look, necklaces do the same acting as jewelled halos around you – celebrities do it! Complementary colors work wonders – imagine a stunning coral beads upon an ocean blue blouse! Brilliant.




Princesses, think high heeled ladies when you play your next Cinderella role – they not only will add flair to your outfit by being extraordinarily different in color, but they also highlight your legs in an oh-so lovely way! It will be a midnight moment all the time! Watch the looks you can get with hot pink or teal pumps matched with say a white dress  – WOWIE. So bring on the brights to your shoe line up! Gentlemen, this tip is not limited to the long legged ladies — men’s shoes can make a very chic statement – recently I saw a stunning pair of  sapphire blue oxfords with red laces! Now I’d walk a mile with that shoe style cat anywhere!




Eyeglasses are as individual as your pretty peepers! Make them work some visual fashion magic. Why NOT rose-colored or orange or violet coloured for that matter? Or ritzy rhinestoned? I had a client who wore bright lime green, he rocked the art studio in those fashion forward frames!  Then the next week he turned up in fire engine red and we all fainted!


Make them part of your personality! They can light up a look and stun as you see and are SEEN! I keep my sunglass ensemble in a tray on my dresser – for easy Grab and Go! access with new eye decor daily as I dance out to super vision see another day! It really does make me feel like someone else – the ultimate in your creative clothes costume on the world stage.



I would love to hear from you about your color fashion tip?  After all dress up and accenting your image isn’t just child’s play it’s every day!


From my magic color closet to yours  ~ with tetrachromatic love and LOOKS!




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