Color Magic

Dazzling – New Works Released Online This Saturday!

Dear C. K. Antico Fine Art Lovers & Collectors,
A ”Dazzling” collection of en plein air & alla prima unseen new works by Artist Concetta K Antico will be released this Saturday online.

Become an Antico Fine Art Collector and/or surprise your loved one this holiday season with the perfect gift that lasts forever and is an investment purchase,  a beautiful original oil painting.

Online inquiries email [email protected]  or call 858 344 6897 Direct

Thank you for your love of ART!

A Golden Goodbye……

The ember glow of a burnt out day slipped beyond the eucalyptus branches – framed like a painting for one supreme moment for those whose eye longed to find the last of its divine energy …a golden goodbye.

2012 – Enjoy Beauty All Year – Antico Fine Art Calendars – Limited Edition.


My once-a-year 12 x16 gorgeous glossy calendars are ready to ship to start your year off right with an image of beauty every  month – soak in the brushstrokes, see the magical colors and enjoy the world through the bliss of my heart from my easel.

$45 includes tax + shipping or come by and see me to collect one and get a hug! If you want your’s signed – just ask:)

My Morning Shine Shrine – Gratitude Reminders….

My Shine Shrine…

Awake and remember your blessings….Create your own shine shrine in your morning place that will greet you with the rememberance of the gratitude you have for the small joys that are truly the biggest.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” Roald Dahl

My small secrets:
Ava’s oil pastel poppy
Zen’s “MOM” heart
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Crisp Air – Hightened Thoughts….

The night is simply quiet and still and a million thoughts like stars shoot through my mind. All is crisp outside, dark yet fresh and ready for a creative new idea to whip through a chilly night air. The midnight moves through me and into a thousand places in my mind….Dark to LIGHT!

Beauty In Bloom!

My beautiful daughter Ava budding like this dahlia from our garden…Oh fleeting beauty, pause now!

Hello Beautiful World

Oh December, the culmination and triumph of our calendar year, how I long thee. You possess so many faces. Let me embrace your harsh Winter bite as well your cool Autumn breeze. Please stay a while.