Color Magic

Abundant Green Goodness!

Ahh…the glorious shades of green this morning bathed in sunshine! Plant a garden of edibles and be at one with every good thing – then eat it!  I am in awe of the result of my emerald thumb and my meals are now salad masterpieces! Grow Green!

Famous Is As Famous Does!

“In The Fields” and In the Oil Painting Groove!
Salon students rocked the very famous Eastman Johnson work & went home
Such a great painting – such a great performance!

New Year’s Life

Blossoming Beauty

As we soak in the New Year Days we are inclined to be and do something different…
Seeking inspiration from the beauty of nature is a prime source of enlightenment and direction. Breathe in the possibilities that abound then manifest them into the miracle called Your Life…

A Mountain of Love…

Rochelle is Fujitastic!

Everyone has a special “something” that resides in their heart – a symbol that resonates LOVE when they see it…

What is your Mt. Fuji?

Manifesting it with paint on canvas channels not only the image – but the LOVE too will live in the painting and you will feel its warmth embrace you every time you see it.
I can help you paint your bliss to share it with the eyes and hearts world forever…

Light Up Your HEART with ART…

As we look with wonder at our world this season we can see the MAGIC & ART in it all. Truly, it is the ART in our HEARTS that inspires such beauty all around us. It is brought into this world through magical people like you. Keeping our souls aloft, & dancing with our joyful spirits…

Savoring Special Seconds…..

At this special time of year the precious moments are many and irreplaceable…
As we fly through our days we must try to try to hold each special second dear in our hearts.
Clearing your mind of all else at that moment, pausing so that you may revisit it often in your mind and savor it is important. Blessings are all around us, we must notice them and honor them…

Sunday Morning & Monet!

Sunday morning with my marvelous student Isabella and Mr. Monet! MOVING and MAGICAL! Happiest when making smiles through art…

Make Life Juicy & Juice it UP!

My sage & dear friend  Timothy The Astrologer and I enjoyed Jingle Berry Juice in my garden yesterday and then zoomed out into our world!
Find advice from the heavens at

Ok, in the words of Kris Carr ( Crazy Sexy Diet) “If you really want to get into the sparkle zone, you gotta get gaga for liquid nutrition!”.  In the spirit of this I have created my “Jingle Berry Juice” and it is JUST the lift-off you need to zing through your day!
Try it out!
Bag of fresh cranberries, 2-3 oranges, 2 carrots, small piece of ginger and a cucumber!
No juicer yet?  Get one TODAY! 
 Zing Zing – Jingle Jingle!

This Day is Special……..

Ta Da!  – Good Job Ava & Zen!

Celebrate the day. ..
There’s a thousand ways to make every day a special one. Two great kids get stellar reports and it’s cake time! Every day is an opportunity to be impromptu. A little magic is everywhere – and anywhere you wave your wand!
Think special.