Color Magic

A.R.T. – A Replicated Thought.

Art is the psyche of man. 
The visual explanation of what stirs in his mind and lives in his heart.
It is a visual poetry.
Its purpose is to inspire.
To lead others to his vision and to his faith.  Art must. 
It comes forth as it cannot be contained. 
Art is connection with all that is, and will be. 
It sustains.
It tells stories that will live and instruct those yet to come.  
Art is legacy, it is a witness.
As with man, no two walk the same path.
Each tell their own journey and make their own unique footprint.
Art is life explaining itself.
Yet, although an homage to itself, its power is forever a visual blessing.
Art prays.
Copyright Concetta K. Antico – Tetrachromat Artist – 4-11-13 – 7:45 am PST


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Australian Protea18x18
 Australian Protea 18×18  Oil on Canvas


Still Life Painting: Still in Bloom by Fine Art Connoisseur

Concetta was included in the Still Life article in the February 2013 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. It was a thrill to be asked to contribute one of her stunning still life paintings for inclusion in one of the most distinguished art lovers magazine. 

The Joy of Living Creatively

Learning how to see the beauty in our planet earth and in others is an artful skill that will bring greater joy to anyone who wants to experience life in a positive perspective.
A new year is ahead of us and we have the opportunity to appreciate the vast offerings in our world differently, by shifting our mental focus, by truly seeing.
Technically, we see through receptors which process what we see and send this information to our brain. This mental image creates emotion. So how you see dictates how you feel. Selective “happy” viewing can be obtained, which then results in a selective happy thoughts process. Respectively, optimistic viewing will create optimistic thinking.
Can you imagine wearing rose colored glasses every day? You can! You can choose to see things artfully. Simply “seeing” artfully will help you to appreciate every special detail in everything and everyone. Your new vision will bring you bliss from all you behold.
Re-visioning or re-seeing the world around you in 2013 can be attained by mental filtering. You start by throwing out the old and worn out focus that is negative, and deciding to only see a positive perspective. Filter out bad views and replace them with artful views. By amplifying your vision and being selective, the beauty around you will be realized and re-born.
Vision begins when light rays are reflected off an object and enter the eyes through the cornea. Light rays then pass through the lens to the retina converting the light into electrical impulses. The optic nerve sends these impulses to the brain where an image is produced. These images signal thoughts in the brain and it’s how we “see” or interpret these thoughts that can ultimately bring happiness and joy to our lives. By seeing our thoughts as always positive, an intense and pure elevation of the soul can emerge.
How do you change the way you think by “seeing” artfully?
Making changes in your thinking that last is not easy. To gain a good understanding you must start with the statement, “you are what you see.” This is a truism of life. It’s the way you look at things around you that can alter your thinking. A prime example: some people see a
glass half empty while others see it as half full. By approaching the world around you from an optic point of view, you can positively program your mind to think, feel and behave in utopia.
Have you ever looked at an object and been displeased? When seeing artfully, your displeased state is an opportunity for you to exercise seeing what is good. There is always good. If you cannot find anything good then the simple task of trying is “seeing” artfully. This activity of encouraging yourself to see beauty in the unpleasant is an activity that can stimulate positive thinking. And when practiced regularly, can elevate your sense of well being, making you a happier, more attractive and loving person.
The world around us is an amazing place! Too often we take for granted its beauty, and we no longer “see” it. The new year brings us an opportunity to focus on our vision. I urge you to take time out of your day to truly see what is around you.
Seeing artfully is simply a new way of viewing the world. What do you look at when you “see”? Is your mind telling you to hurry? Are you in a bad mood and therefore not willing to take the time to see the roses, let alone smell them? Are you using “presumed” vision – skipping over the actual with the thought that you have “seen it all before”? It’s a shame to miss it with preconceived vision.
If you don’t take the time to truly look – you cannot develop what I would like to term “microscopic vision.”
What I mean is seeing not the big picture but the tiny details: the specifics in every part of our world that we often see, but not really. This is something that all artists use when they create. You can use it too. By using your new, “microscopic” vision you will be entranced with the special details of everything. Consider the unique colors in the eyes of your loved one, the nuances of the petal shapes of the flowers in your garden, the dappled sunlight on the lawn, the wisps and shades of colored clouds in a sunset. When did you last stop to look deeply at a sunset?
Consider the complexity and color of a butterfly’s wing, the movement of the ocean’s foam and the colors in it, the sweet freckles on a beloved face, the pattern and texture of bark on a tree or the sparkle of the holiday season.
You will see the real beauty of creation when you look deeper.
Start to see the parts and pieces that make the whole in everything. You will realize how very special it all is and be amazed with child-like wonder! When you start to re-vision, to look closely, true beauty will be revealed and you will partake in visual happiness. Do this and you will truly be seeing from the heart so that in 2013 your eyes will be the secret path to the bliss you can live.
Happy New Year!

Watching the Master at Work: Concetta Antico to Paint in a Live Demonstration

When a painter is working in their medium they are immersed in a trance of thoughts and movement. Nothing is more delightful than to watch their creation come alive. The act is intense and spiritual bringing the viewer into a world of pure miracle of the creation. When witnessing an artist in this intimate and delicate scene one is transformed and enlightened, so much so that one is guaranteed inspiration from the experience.

On March 2nd, 2013 contemporary fine artist Concetta Antico is opening her talent to the public and will be creating a painting in the arena of a public viewing. The event will take place at Antico Fine Art Gallery located in San Diego, California. Watching an artist paint live will be a privilege for attendees and is an occasion to be remembered and cherished.

Concetta is one of the most talented artists alive today. Her floral still life will peak to a stunning masterpiece in front of your eyes. To capture this live is to journey into a world of liberating movements in seeing and recording. The sophistication in Concetta’s development of the subject matter will tantalize your optic and bring a learning of technique to your psyche. Don’t miss this special event opportunity! You will be rewarded two fold; artistically and spiritually.

The public is invited to attend. Tickets may be purchased by emailing [email protected] or calling 619-497-1177

Live Painting Demonstration with Fine Artist Concetta Antico
Saturday, March 2, 2013
6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Antico Fine Art Gallery
1920 Fort Stockton Drive, Ste. A
San Diego, CA 92103
Tickets required. $125 per ticket.

Cocktails & Morsels will be served.
Register Here!

The Artful Spirit – The Joy of Living Creatively as seen in the Presidio Sentinel

The Artful Spirit – The Joy of Living Creatively

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Artful Appreciation
by Concetta Antico
December is here again, a reminder that another year has presented itself in its completeness. We have journeyed through this year with the opportunity to touch others’ lives and have been reciprocated in one way or another. The purpose and meaning of “artful appreciation” comes to mind, because during this final season of the year, we can act out being grateful. The ultimate result for those who make this effort is the ability to experience true happiness, personally and with all those who have entered our lives.
Today, by a touch of a keyboard, we can reach out and express our love and thanks. Yet, is it enough? Tender words verbally spoken, and a handwritten note is the ideal way to build relationships in your life that are meaningful and long lasting.
To give thanks artfully is the ultimate means to show your appreciation to the ones who share your lives. So, what is giving artfully?
Giving artfully means sharing your thanks and love unconditionally, with no return expectations. When you give unconditionally, you extend, expand and connect with many. By giving gratitude, you increase the well within you and everyone gains. Life is fully lived.
Understanding is the essence of artful giving. Looking deeply within is a spiritual practice of Buddha. We may need a little practice ourselves in order to give the gift of happiness and joy to the people who we are grateful for.
So, what must we do in order to truly understand a person? We must give time during our busy schedules and our busy minds to look deeply into the person. We must be there. We must be present. We must observe. We must look deeply. Being there is very much artful living. The true presence of your focused energy given to those you love is the gift of giving. And the gift of this looking deeply is called understanding. There is no better time than now as the season presents itself with your heart full as you give gratitude.
A word, a gesture, a flower, a poem or a visit, what will you share? Arrive with tea and kind words to the home of a friend, or surprise the elderly, remember your Mom and Dad. There are many ways to show people you are grateful for them being in your life. Artfully – this huge gift of love is free to those who wish to be on the journey of gratitude. By being present and observant, it is easy to find small and meaningful ways to give your appreciation, unlimited ways abound. The price is small, the gesture worth millions. Find your way, today.
I extend my blessings of the season to us all, to everyone.
Concetta Antico~Pizzinat is a mother, wife, artist and educator. For over 20 years she has been her own resident muse at The Salon Of Art and

Concetta Antico~Pizzinat is a mother, wife, artist and educator.
located at 1920 Fort Stockton Drive, Ste A, Mission Hills, San Diego, CA 92103. She can be reached at [email protected], The,

A grand affair for a grand opening!

On October 20, 2012, over 200 art lovers joined Concetta Antico at the grand opening of Concetta Antico Fine Art Gallery and the unveiling of her new works in Paradise Portrayed. In addition to all of Concetta’s beautiful art pieces, the Gallery also carries Love Tatum Jewelry and ibride home furnishings. Stop by for a visit and come see Concetta’s new custom antique furniture. Big things are happening at the Gallery!

Even Pregnant Women Can Paint!:)!

Jesi The Wonder Mamma!

What a performance – by “both” of these great artists – a Mom-To-Be in May,  Jesi  creates  an Aloha~style seascape painting  ~ while balancing the power of pregnancy!

Impressed  – no doubt!