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You CAN draw a stick figure!

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Living Artfully in your Own Town

Concetta Antico of Mission Hills encourages everyone to live life to its fullest.

When morning breaks forth through the azure blue at the end of a frayed cloak of night, are you awake? Do you leap forth from your sleepy self eager to hear the sweet song a bird will serenade to you, or bust a dance to the beat of a full melodic neighborhood chorus? Contrary, can you hear the silence and see the glitter of a late, late night while watching the planets at play inside a tranquil mind?

How you begin each artful day supports either your fresh newfound joy, or coddles your mundane melancholy. Living artfully in your own town takes creativity. Allowing yourself to see the budding beginnings and opportunities of a new 24-hour canvas, the limitless day and night designs that are there awaiting your creative desires, is a marvel, a renewed ritual masterpiece.

Every town has its treasures, all requiring no passport! To begin, many historic places exist that are often considered just “for those passing through.” They are never adventured. Too often these cultural jewels and heritage havens exist right under the noses of natives who never venture to see them. What knowledge and abundant interest awaits those who make the intention to visit the “visitor” spots. Too often I meet folks in my hometown San Diego who have not enjoyed the majestic gardens of the historic Marston House, have never picnicked in Tecolote Canyon, or who have only seen the sublime Cabrillo Monument from afar. What a shame!

When in my true hometown of Sydney, Australia, I rejoice in playing “tourist” and fall in love all over again with its sandy shores and sunlit seas. While reliving my childhood days, I take pleasure in enjoying the unbelievable brilliance of The Opera House designs, disappearing into the heavenly Royal Botanical Gardens which hugs Lady Macquarie’s Chair and feeding ducks at Centennial Park. By revisiting the places of our youth we flood the spring of our eternal youth and awaken the child within us yet again. In these places, as in any place of beauty on this great earth, we are born again.

Have you camped in your own backyard lately, s’mores and all? Gazed the stars with your family? Fished from a local watering hole, or meandered down a canyon trail collecting native flowers along the way, delighting in a nature walk of wonder? Do you know where the inspiring public art is in your town? Have you studied the precious prizes in your museums and galleries? Have you mused with a good book in a private spot in a park near your home and crunched a crisp seasonal apple while you soak up the sun?

I urge you to explore your town artfully today. To peek-a-boo in places less found and amble down dusty roads on walkabouts of surprise. You will find that your hometown habitats are far less mundane than your usual rush and ruts allowed. You will find your Artful Spirit and become alive again when your days and nights become travel opportunities just a stone throw away from your own front door.

Concetta welcomes your creative thoughts and ideas at [email protected]. Her Salon & Gallery are located at 1920 Fort Stockton Drive, Mission Hills, San Diego and are open to the public from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, and by appointment.

Concetta writes a monthly column for the Presidio Sentinel, Serving the Heart of San Diego. The paper is a Publication of Presidio Communications.

Worn out on white?

Summer’s hot with color!

Time to sizzle with this Summer’s selections of color, color, color!


  • Cool off with pastels, or heat it up in uber vibrant hues!
  • Uncover color everywhere from clothes to shoes, hair, nails and even cocktails!
  • Mix it up with mod magenta purple, or vibrate in violet tulip or celosia orange.
  • Mint refreshes on every runway and Infusion yellow outshines the sun.
  • Whichever popping palette you decide to flaunt, define it bold!

Get a go-go on with color to Live Artfully!


Check out this fab slideshow of summer colors!


And what a wondrous selection of summer nail designs!


SDMA Guild Meeting was GOLDEN!

The creative dynamos of the San Diego Museum of Art Artist’s Guild held their reception at Concetta Antico’s Gallery & Salon this month! Welcoming new members, viewing one another’s art and savoring fabulous food, the Arty Fun was in full force.

Kindred spirits in all things creative, connections were made and brilliance was inspired.  See some photos of the gifted gang, and check out how to join the Guild here to get in on this Musey Crew!

Floral Magic Bloomed!

Painting magic before our very eyes – in celebration of Mother’s Day! This gorgeous 30×36 painting “The Eden of Annette” was created LIVE on Saturday, May 10 during the Mission Hills Garden Walk and was immediately sold to a collector upon signing. Watch video of Concetta’s matchless process here as she creates Floral Magic. . .

See it live!



The Muse setting her stage – creating the still life for her masterpiece – 8:30 am


Ready to begin! Concetta and her son, Zen, bow before the blank canvas – 9:00 am


The master at work creating the floral still life in pinks and blues for all Mother’s children with jazz stylings of famed pianist Mr. Sky Ladd in the background.


“The Eden of Annette” inspired by and in loving tribute to Concetta’s dearest departed Mother…Happy Mother’s Day to those who have forever and unconditional love!

Scandalous Unsung Master


1/12/56 ~ 4/14/25

Own him – he’s American! and right up there with the Impressionist Masters Monet clan!

JSS rocked the portrait paintings of his generation – but who knows that today?

Shunned from popular praise when he painted Madame X with her scandalous slipped shoulder strap (left her prudish Victorian reputation in ruins)! Sargent was knocked off his Master painter throne for several decades as a result. Genius in a frock coat and tie – even Andy Warhol worshiped his work in 1986 when the King of Pop Cool said Sargent “made everybody look glamorous. Taller. Thinner.”

Yep – every girl needs a Master makeover alla Sargent for sure!

Prolific? Popping out over 900 oil paintings, 2,000 watercolors and that’s just to start! Known to charge like a bull at the canvas and make wealthy folk wait for hours for his studio entrance. Attitude plus, plus! He was handsome, hip, cool, rich and travelled the world with his entourage and stayed single while painting his passions. I ‘d say – What a Life – What a guy! Sign me up!

For more on the Scandalous Unsung Master, visit

CONCETTA COMMENDS: “Ish” by Peter H. Reynolds

Want to inspire the mini muses in your mega muse world? Want to create Happy Readers? Author Peter H. Reynolds pumps up pride and supports individual creativity everywhere with his wonderfully artful books, Ish, The North Star and The Dot.

Go buy huge handfuls of them today and spread the creative love onto the wee individuals in your life and everywhere! Enrich their creative spirits and their reading passions today!

Patti’s Perfect Ponies

Patti’s Ponies are portrayed as a painted masterpiece! Stampeding through the snow they arrive in our world direct from the artists.

What fantasy do you hold dear in your heart and how will you create it?