Color Magic

All the Pretty, Pretty Peacocks

All the Pretty, Pretty Peacocks

Tetrachromat Muse, Concetta Antico, will once again share her talent to the public at her elegant Salon in Mission Hills, San Diego with a live magical peacock painting!

A privilege for attendees, this occasion will be remembered and cherished.
Working dynamically in her medium of oil on canvas coupled with her superb and extraordinary tetrachromat color vision, a masterpiece will come to life.

Both intense and spiritual, you the viewer will enter a world of pure creation.

Pretty Peacocks

Be transformed.

Be enlightened.

Be inspired.

Concetta is gifted and one of the most talented artists alive today with her ability to produce masterpieces deftly in one sitting.

Don’t miss this special event opportunity, the visual and creative rewards are unparalleled.

Her process must be seen to believe what is in front of your eyes.

Limited to 40 guests ~ $150 per ticket.

Cocktails & Dinner will be served
Live music by Mr. David De Alva
Register today at [email protected]://

Petit Fan of Heaven

This piece, “Petit Fan Of Heaven”, 18×18, is a commission for Olive PR Principal Jenn Von Stauffenberg.

All proceeds for the auction item went to ARTS – A Reason To Survive. ARTS is a charitable organization that uses art to help kids through unfortunate situations.



The Bear That Isn’t


Call him cute, or call him cuddly!
Call him Blinky, Lou or Funny!

Call him blue, or black or gray,
but never call him down to play!
(Because he sleeps 18 hours a day!)

Call him for a dinner of sweet eucalyptus,
but know he’ll want no water with it!

Call his nose a little leathery,
or his ears a little feathery!

Call him lazy, furry, frizzy,
but just remember ~ he’s the bear that isn’t!

Concetta Antico

Little known Koala Facts

The word koala may come from an Aboriginal word meaning no drink.

Although koalas do drink when necessary, they obtain most of the moisture they need from eucalyptus leaves.

Though koalas look like teddy bears and are sometimes even referred to as koala bears, they are not bears!

Concetta Sponsors the Arts in Our Community!

Mission Hills Summer Concerts in Pioneer Park

This summer brings a host of exciting concerts to Pioneer Park! Sponsored in part by Concetta Antico’s Fine Art Gallery, Mission Hills Main Street Foundation hosts weekly concerts through August 22!

Witness the Unveiling at Rady Children’s Hospital!

An Artful Time Was Had by All!

The June 6 unveiling of Concetta’s enchanted paintings donated to Rady Children’s Hospital was a smashing success!  Guests were captivated with the use of imagination and color in this diptych – two 36×48 paintings donated to adorn the orthopedic ward.

Dr. Charlie Davis, Vice President and COO of Rady Children’s Specialists said, “This is phenomenal for us to have.  It will become the capstone, an inspiration for patients and staff alike.”

Hospital staff, surgeons, art students and collectors alike enjoyed delicious appetizers and “mocktails” – kid-friendly cocktails – and were soothed by the magical sounds of Ms. Mair Rathburn on the harp.

Watch the Unveiling:

Is Dad Da Vinci?

Artist Dads Are Everywhere – Make Room on the Fridge!

Give Dad some bonafides – he’s not just useful for mowing the lawn and killing spiders – uber creative Dads are everywhere! There’s the Dad that takes his kids’ pencil drawings on business trips and colors them in as a way to stay connected. Or the Dad who takes the crazy things his kids say and do and turns them in to arty images!

Bet YOUR Dad has hidden artistic abilities! Why not ask him this Father’s Day and finger paint or clay the day away joyfully with him?

Check out this creative dad who makes art out of weird things he finds himself saying to his kids!

Dad's Weird Sayings to Kids

How about this proud pop who colors in his kid’s drawings?


Rock this peacock gown

Now here’s a frock fit for a Divine Muse!

Eat your heart out, Cinderella!  Even Kate Middleton couldn’t pull this one off.  Peacocks have a brilliant life force that fills the senses and colors that awe even a Tetrachromat.  I am compelled to paint them – and perchance wear them now, too!

See more here!

You CAN draw a stick figure!

Explore your own personal creativity today  – don’t waste it away!

The Fridge Awaits Your Masterpiece!