The Color Queen

Concetta Antico is an Australian born, critically acclaimed artist, best known for her signature use of vibrant color and impressionist scenes.

Renowned worldwide as The Color Queen, Concetta paints original works that unite nature and science through a style of kaleidoscopic color and brushwork. 

Her work has been chronicled extensively and has attracted a large audience worldwide. Her paintings have appeared in many publications and broadcast media including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, VOGUE, BBC, Nine Network Australia and The Guardian. Her paintings are held by hundreds of collectors across the US, Australia, Europe and Asia and have been exhibited in galleries across the US and Australia.
Concetta’s ability to perceive and express otherworldly colors through painting is the result of an extremely rare condition. Her “super vision’, is known by the scientific term of Tetrachromacy, or as a 2022 article in the Wall Street Journal reported ‘the rare gift of seeing extra colors’. Created by a genetic mutation passed through the X chromosome, tetrachromats have four types of cones in their eyes (most humans have three), which allows them to perceive up to 100 million more colors than the average person. 
The scientific phenomenon of Tetrachromacy was first discovered in 1948. Concetta’s particularly strong case of Tetrachromacy was documented in a study conducted by the University of California in 2016 “K.A Jameson: Human Potential for Tetrachromacy). Studies of her rare gift are ongoing.
In 1995 Concetta established The Salon of Art Gallery in San Diego, California as a showcase for her large body of work and one of the world’s first live painting event spaces. Returning to her home town of Sydney during the pandemic Concetta opened her name-sake Color Queen Gallery.  
At this time Concetta is the world’s only known Tetrachromatic artist, making her paintings highly collectable and rare. As the Huffington Post commented, “And fortunately for us – she paints!”.  Concetta currently lives and works between Sydney, Byron Bay and California.
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