The Color Queen

Concetta Antico is an Australian-American fine artist, art instructor, and Tetrachromat.

Her life journey as a prolific artist started at the very young age of 5 when she was given her first set of oil paints and an easel for Christmas. Concetta immediately found the work of the Impressionists and became obsessed with the reproduction of their work. She meticulously emulated their compelling use of color and light on her own canvases, especially where it reflected nature’s beauty.

She had found her path.

By age 8, her Mother prophesied that she would become a famous artist and teacher…buy age 12. Concetta’s Mother had passed away.

She never forgot these words.

At 16 she left home, with little to support her but her determination to pursue an artistic life.  She worked to support her tertiary education, graduated, and left her home town of Sydney, embarking on a life in the United States.

Driven by her passion to paint and her Mother’s memory, Concetta spent the next three decades of her life painting earth’s beauty while educating others with her deft self-defined painting methodologies coupled with her innate ability to see color in otherworldly ways.

At her art school and studio The Salon of Art in San Diego, California, Concetta taught over 25,000 students of all ages and created over 1000 original oil on canvas works. Thus fulfilling her destiny.

As a Tetrachromat, Concetta sees 100 million more colors than regular vision, scientifically endorsed by researchers at UC Irvine, California. Tetrachromacy is a genetic condition that provides her a fourth receptor in her eyes, which makes her especially sensitive to enhancements of color.

Concetta’s prolific body of work is noted for its signature use of vibrant color and impressionistic scenes, the result of her visually processing the world differently. The aim throughout all her work is to depict reality unlike anything viewers have experienced before. Her work is a window for viewers to see into her hyper-colored world.

She has exhibited throughout the United States, Asia and Australia, and her work is held in hundreds of private and public collections, including Robert and Allison Price, Brian Strauss, Kevin Harrington, the Women’s Museum of California, The Dr. Wendy Martin Museum Collection, Rady Children’s Hospital, and elsewhere.

She has been featured in The Cut, Vogue, The Guardian, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, numerous scientific documentaries, educational and other publications, and is the subject of ongoing multimedia interest.

She currently lives and works between Sydney, Australia and San Diego, California in the USA.

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