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Interested in finding out more about pricing or commissioned works? Contact [email protected].

The Woman

CONCETTA ANTICO is venerated worldwide as "The Color Queen”.

Attributed to her scientifically endorsed “ Perfect Storm” for functioning Tetrachromacy, Concetta can resolve 100 million more colors than others.

This gift illuminates the truth of the world's beauty through her hyper-colored oil on canvas masterpieces...her paintings are windows to colors only her eyes can perceive. Concetta consistently garners avid media attention making her work highly collectible. Over 1000 original works are held in public and private collections worldwide.

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Worlds First Tetrachromat Artist

World-Renowned Tetrachromatic Artist, The Color Queen



Definition: Tetrachromacy is the condition of possessing four independent channels for conveying color information, or possessing four types of cone cell in the eye. Organisms with tetrachromacy are called tetrachromats

What is a Tetrachromat Artist?

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The Tetrachromat Artist functions at a master artist level. They have been discovered and confirmed to have the genotype for Tetrachromacy – possessing four color receptors in the eyes – and with this gift they are able to define dramatically more color than the average human vision.

A New Epoch in Art History

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When the history of our modern world and its achievements are written, a world filled and dominated by ruling computers and the internet coupled with fast-paced machine driven lifestyles, it will stand to reason that a tandem epoch in art history will have been born. The 21st century has spurred major technological advancements which revealed groundbreaking new discoveries in the sciences; and in visual science one such evolution will be Tetrachromacy.

Herein lies a genre heralded in and of the times. Fast-paced, unique color, multi-faceted juxtaposed value created through super human vision able to resolve far more colors in nature than the normal eye. Tetrachromatism technically labels work which produces color and value rapidly and a cut above. Replicating earth’s visual reality (which regular human vision cannot see) to produce images on canvas with an execution bordering on the mechanical.

Those artists possessing the ability to express the genotype to its fullest potential, possible through masterful practice, will have evolved to a higher level of artistic functionality, much in line with the speed of machine led mass production.

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  • Concetta’s Hickory Street Salon
  • Mission Hills, San Diego, CA 92103
  • +1 858 344 6897

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