Concetta’s Journal – November

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Past is present in all things beautiful

Ahhhh, nostalgia! The ultimate happiness influencer…

That overwhelming feeling which moves through our bones and swirls in our hearts. That sense of belonging. The cord connecting us all to the ancestral and ancient. It’s the intangible “home” that we carry around with us and hold oh so dear. It’s the flame which lights our senses when we are awakened to something sentimental, something familiar… Whether it’s the smell of home baked bread, seeing our Mother’s favourite garden flower, or hearing a bird singing outside our window, we come home, yet again.

Now truly settled now here in calderic arms of Byron Bay Shire and nestled into my beloved Tooraloo Farm, I feel a quiet and quintessential sense of “coming home.” The Australian lifestyle speaking to me yet again of carefree bygone days while growing up in this bounteous Great South Land. A land so abundant with unique and inspiring indigenous flora and fauna, and bright sunlit shores. Days spent languishing under the shaded dappled-colours of the surrounding eucalypts. Now, immersed in all this native beauty, I am reminded of the many inspirations which have shaped my art, and my life and it all moves me profoundly.

As we usher in the holiday season (a time immersed in all things past yet present), we are swept up yet again. The nostalgia of traditions and family near and far, bring us untold joy. Memories of delicious festive fare, gift giving and frivolities! Reminders of childhood celebrations, bliss and reenactments of ceremony with loved ones, some perhaps past on, though dearly remembered. The Season brings it all back home to our hearts once again.

If you’re looking to stoke the embers of nostalgia and connect with days gone by, my retreats are always open. Book an escape among the trees in my heritage farm stay to bond with loved ones and memories, or rediscover the often childlike, worry-free joy of creativity with my painting classes. Or is there something entire that sets your heart swirling? I’d love to hear about it.

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