Concetta’s Journal – October

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This month, my Northern Rivers art gallery will be reborn in Bangalow.

The Concetta Antico Gallery originally opened on my beloved Tooraloo Farm in Ewingsdale earlier this year, but with the perfect building on Byron Street becoming available, I leapt at the opportunity to base my art in the charming village I originally fell in love with when visiting from the US years ago, and to free up the original space for my private studio and art school.

I fell for Bangalow and its quintessentially Australian ‘main street’ when I first stumbled upon it back in 2008. I have always been drawn to centuries long ago – Impressionism and the beauty of the Belle Epoque – so Bangalow and its vintage charm have resonated in my bones ever since.

The new gallery exemplifies my penchant for all things historic, bright, and well-loved. Visitors will be met by vintage furnishings from my artist’s extensive personal collection, and my hyper-coloured oil-on-canvas artworks. A new, dedicated artist’s corner will showcase the work of local, up-and-coming artists and craftspeople.

My own distinct style is known for an Impressionist lean and unexpected use of colour, fuelled by my ability to pick up hues and contrasts where others don’t. My subjects are wide-ranging, but fauna (including my signature peacocks), flowers, earthscapes and nocturnes are recurring themes, the perfect vehicles for exploring my heightened perception of the world’s natural beauty.

Although I can’t share this gift directly, it has given me a unique mastery of understanding, accentuating and explaining colour, both on canvas and in class. I’ve taught over 25,000 students across the world to paint, many of them before I had even been identified as a tetrachromat. That only heightened my ability to instruct and educate, as I suddenly had a new found awareness of what others were not seeing, and increased desire to help them unlock what they could.

With my exhibition and retail space now in Bangalow, my private studio will now be kept for more intimate artistic experiences including small-group painting instruction (commencing January), hosting the exclusive ‘Visionary Lounge’ events for fellow creatives and limited tours (including the Open Studios Trail later this year).

And of course – my own painting and creative practices, which will now have more space to bloom through the new separation of my realms. As the crow flies it’s just a stone’s throw from Tooraloo to Bangalow, but it’s become a meditative sojourn as I take the scenic drive along Hinterland Way to ‘work.’

I feel I’ve been blessed to land my 30 year fine art career in the epicentre of this place, and can’t wait for you all to explore it.

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