Concetta’s Journal – September

At times like these we need to draw on our superpowers! Primarily, our Magick – the art and science of bringing shifts through will and intention, which can effect change in our lives. We are all capable, yet so many go through life shrouded from the power they possess.

We create our realities with each thought, word and action. We call energy, attention and reality to our beliefs, whether consciously or unconsciously – and when we harness this magick, we can reach our true, richly colored potential.

First we must be aware. Aware of where we are, of what we want, and how our thoughts and actions are influencing this. When you know in yourself what it is you want, you can draw focus, manifest your desires and actualize results. Meditation is one key practice you can do everyday to bring your ideas into this realm. You can also set intentions and visualise them into being. You can use other powerful tokens such as crystals, wands, candles, tarot and herbs to practice your magic. Chants and spells work wonders too. I’m always available for consultations in these practices if you wish it!

Believing can make it so. Seeing it clearly can make it appear. For me, the past month has witnessed all stages of this process, and the alchemy that is possible through sharing the magick with others. Wondrous results have been occurring!

Magic is how it started. Brought forth as a seed of a dream held throughout my life, materialized as an unknown crumbling beauty across the sea, and transformed into the embodiment of a fairytale. I invite you to watch the video below and hear the story.

Your wildest dreams are not wild. They are your visions actualizing and manifesting as you bring them forth under the mighty powers you hold in your heart and in your mind.  Your energy and determination are your superpowers. Wield them well.

Remember, if you can see it, and believe it, you can create it.
Happy conjuring to us all!

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