I’m the Woman with Rainbow Vision – Here’s Why!

Hello Color Lovers and Budding IFLScientists of Mine!


Let’s talk about what it’s like to see the world with “rainbow” vision…


Well, as the world’s first authenticated tetrachromat artist I have been given the privilege, and the gift of an extra 4th cone/receptor in my eyes. Think of TETRA meaning “ four (cones)” and CHROMA meaning “color”. This genetic mutation was given to me by my Mum when I was created, so I like to call it my gift! It is my gift, and more importantly, the USE of my gift which has expanded my color reach from the potential of one million colors (regular vision mortals), up to 100 million colors (your’s truly X-Woman super vision functioning artist, color Muse and tetrachromat)!
First Tetrachromat Artist
Yup, I can see to the multi-colored moon, infinity and beyond baby! But as phenomenal as this sounds, this super vision goddess status did not come easy. Color fascinated folks ask me all the time “ How does it work?”. No – just staring into my eyes doesn’t tell you anything about my ability – LOL…!


With new science and over 500 million media impressions in the past 3 years, the world wide press are now calling me an “X-Woman” and “ The Woman with Rainbow Vision”, (so loving these uber fun titles). Yes, it IS true that the colors of my world speak to me exponentially more than they do to others. Even much more than others who carry the tetrachromacy mutation too. You see the reason is that without FUNCTIONING TETRACHROMACY, the ON switch for superior color vision reception stays in the OFF position!
Rainbow Vision
Let’s explore the “FUNCTIONING” part a bit more to find out why because this is the COLOR KEY.

The fact is that it is in the USE of the GIFT where the phenomena really becomes switched on and explodes it’s color wad! Thats’ when the rainbow fireworks blast off! You see, it is one thing to be born with the extra color cone in your eyes, (can be as common as 12% of women of European decent the experts are now saying), it is another thing altogether to have developed it. Kinda the “you use it or lose it” factor!


Here’s a great example. Think of a MUSCLE.


A muscle is only as strong as it is worked out – right? If you never pumped that iron baby then you would need more than a can of spinach to lift that iron bar and get that 8-pack! Well, it is like that for Tetrachromatic color vision genetics. You gotta work, work, work that 4th color cone magic daily and for a long, long, long time to reach the highest potential. Simply that. As an artist since age 7 I had the good fortune to do just that ~ for my entire life…
I have USED it, and WORKED it, and CREATED with it, and MIXED COLOR with it, and PAINTED 1000’s of paintings with it, and, and! And it is through my artwork that fortunately for the world that they can truly see some of what I see too. My art is the window to that Rainbow World for you all to view. Think 3D, holographic, electric color and some say, “Avatar”-like. That’s how I portray my color gift.
That is TRULY how I see my world.


So, in a rainbow nutshell fans of color – that’s why they call me the perfect storm for functioning color vision Tetrachromacy. I like to think of myself as The Color Queen – hahaha:) So enjoy more amazing colors of our beautiful planet through my Tetrachromatic artwork ~ for they are truly there…




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