Grateful For Color

What can fill your eyes and then your heart?

Truly, it is the colors of our world which bless us upon waking. Every day in every beautiful creation on planet earth and in the universe above us we are given this great gift of seeing joyous color!  At a time of great thanks here in the United States, (where I am lucky to be this week at my home in San Diego), it makes me reflect on all of the unique visual beauty which surrounds me across the globe.  As your Color Queen,  I want to share color joy and to suggest that you too be mindful of it in your life. Please reward yourself by taking time to pause, and reflect on the many nuances of color in every part of our day and also your night…

Regular human vision has the capability of seeing up to one million colors. Think of it. Try to imagine 1 million colors placed in front of you.  Do you ever stop to discern the varieties which are abundantly displayed for your viewing pleasure?  Or do you glance and just assume colors? “ Oh yeah, that’s red”.  Yes, but what red? Perhaps you too see without truly looking.  Did you know you can train yourself, your brain, to actually see more colors? The minimally one million number you are meant to see.  Studies show that beautiful color elevates our mood, lifts depression, and so many more benefits! The fact is we can change our attitude by being around the colors we love.  We can feel comforted, safer, happier or more serene due to color. WOW! That’s color power!

So how can I teach you to find more joy in color by really noticing it? Well, as a scientifically verified tetrachromat, I can see up to 99 million more colors and I can educate you, remind you that you can see more colors too. The truth is being a functional tetrachromat meant that I immersed myself in color in every way, my entire life.  Yes, color speaks to me very clearly and is a huge part of my world.  It dictates that I give it optical homage. I cannot ignore any part of it.  I cannot escape the finer details of it in every aspect of my daily life.  I have learned to analyze it in even the smallest of ways. I have learned to revere it on the largest of  palettes bestowed to us by Mother Nature. I have learned to passionately love it so well.

Here’s a tip or two.  Study the next insect which alights on you. For example, look carefully at the miracle of color on a beetle’s back, the eyes of a fly, or the wings of a butterfly. Study it.  When next in the garden find a flower you admire and get intimate with the delicate structure and shades of color in every petal or its leaves. Look at every blade of grass when next you sit in a park. Or look deeper still at the microscopic world that lives beneath it, in the soil.  To be even more mindful perhaps document the colors with words or create a poem to honor your experience. When next you encounter an animal, research with your eyes the variety of color and values in it. Look at every part of it and try to keep count of your observations.  Look at the colors in the grains and seeds on a bagel or slice of bread, or the colors of the reflections on the water, even if it is in your own bathtub! Study light in all its forms.  See the true colors in the eyes of someone you love, tell them what you see, and why they are beautiful…  Notice the variety of color in the Fall leaves, or the next sunset, or sunrise, or the colors of “white” in the clouds.

Do this, and you will be living like a tetrachromat:)! You will step into my world of colorful beauty and wonder! You will know what it is I see, what I study, what I notice and why I am so joyful.  Then you too can enjoy my gift of more color.  It is only in the authentic noticing and the associated new knowing of color variety that you will be overwhelmed with a new profound appreciation of the priceless treasures of color we are blessed to live in. Soon you will be praying at the altar of color and be spiritually lifted into that sacred spectra!
May this Thanksgiving Season be the one which makes you truly appreciate all you have been given in this wondrous world and may that gratitude color your life with rainbows.
My blessings to you and yours.

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