Cosmetic Cravings For Your Face Fantasies

Your face is your fortunate gift, so color that pretty or handsome dial with imaginative cosmetic beauty this Summer and experience an entire new world of fun. It’s your ticket to your ultimate fantasies…


Available always, your stunning ONLY YOU HAVE face is your ultimate blank canvas of creativity. Yesterday I was skimming the cosmetic counters and WOW there is an infinite palette of colors out there waiting for your to explore – but they offer nothing unless you know how to wield them!


It’s true, forever and a day faces have launched 1000 ships, broken hearts and made us laugh. They have lured, and loved. They flaunt funny, give looks to kill or to crave, they portray passion. Give back the power that your face holds with added cosmetic creativity. Become yet another side of already fab you!


Cosmetic Cravings




So – who do you want to be today? Mmmmmmmm…..


Make-up transforms us into freer otherworldly gods and goddesses, out-of-the-box heroes, allows us to drop the daily drab for the dynamic what-can-be’s of our personality potentials. Take on cosmetic fantasy as your fun extension. Whether reconfiguring yourself for a day, a night or a season – bring on the glam that only color can and watch out world!


An old saying is that your face is your fortune.  I’d like to say you are fortunate to have your own individual ONLY YOU face. Trust me – what you can do with it is SO MUCH FUN!  They call me the new super vision X-Woman so I power-up my eyes making them pop with 100 million color pizzazz.  


Time to make your statement too and flaunt YOUR best feature!


X-Woman Tetrachromat Concetta Antico


Today more than ever there are so many products which conjure cosmetic magic.  Look to the brights, the lights, the glitters and the unusual!  I recently purchased a palette that was inspired by the sea to take my eyes across the ocean and melt into a sunset horizon! Corals, brightest baby blues, pale peaches and sand now sparkle on my eyes. I feel positively Mediterranean and my life became a beach – Ha!


And what about our mouths! Your smile, or softly spoken, dynamically diva or sexy speech has immediate impact! Lips wrap your laugh and entrance all who long to kiss them. So it’s time to pack your pout punch with entrancing color pleasure. Go green lipped for a craved cocktail, blue lipped for a divine dance under the stars, parade ruby red to own the dance floor or pretty in peach to picnic in that orchard with your lover.


Makeup Cravings


Whatever you crave, you can have and you can become. You can change your appearance and be transformed under the guise of your own personal color creations. A new exotic beauty “mask” will allow you to seize yet another riveting role on your stage of life.


Begin today to pamper your face with color pleasure and let the playtime begin!


Given with all the color love I can offer,




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