Captivating Colors in Your World…

Hiya Color Visionaries in the making. Are you seeing them?


It’s pretty easy in your fast-paced, technologically B&W life here on the planet to miss all the beauty that color endows on it all about you. Yup – busy baby – all about you is an eye-popping color party that you are missing an invite to as you blast by!


When was the last time you became entranced with a pink blushed rose and got intimate with it? Or stopped your car to see a vanishing orange sunset while wistfully wanting to slip away with it? When did you get gaga green over a grasshopper and jump with delight over its color?


Do you stare into the gorgeous color of your lover’s eyes and comment on the intricate kaleidoscope of hues there? WOWIE – if you don’t you are missing the color boat baby! Color can swirl your head euphoric and captivate you but you have to be switched on to it.  You gotta really LOOK Love!


Summer time is the magic season to see the light that shines it all bolder and brighter and if you make it your daily color-mixing dose you will not be starving for it and what it can do to you when it stimulates your brain into a rainbow euphoria. Whoo Hoo! Hold the caffeine and get a big cuppa pigment into you as soon as you can!


Bored of your bland? Beige rage? Benign blends about your house? Switch it up with captivating color today and LIVE MORE COLOR! Hit the paint store and brush yourself to bliss with a bold color choices on the walls and furnishings that will make you sway and dance with daily delight around your hued abode! Color Rave at your place!


Dyeing to get color saturated? Take out clothes that drab and dork and hit them with bottles of color magic with dyes (think #Rit) available at your supermarket or hardware store! Or use our hue-stained veggies to stain it all – why beets work magenta in a just a moment! New bright threads BAM! Or try TIE-DYE – 60’s yourself up with some fun hippie chic and WOW your next event with  a new color-captivating you! Nails, Hair, shoes can color up too!


Start captivating your world with color and let color captivate you in your world.


No color holds barred please! Time to break our of bland and zap into otherworldly shazam shades that will be the emerald, lime, sage, turquoise or azure envy of all!


I’m waiting to see the new hued you…


Crafting more color daily for your viewing delight!


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