How do you know you are wearing the wrong colors? Ever been told you look sick or tired today? No second date – ha! Or more politely “That really isn’t your color.” Mmmmmm… Yup – you may have heard this before. It’s just a nice way of saying “That color makes you look like crap.”


Truth is we all have good colors and bad colors. It ’s not that ALL colors are not GOOD – it’s just that they are good or bad depending on YOU. Some colors bring out all our best features – think vixen beauty baby! They making us look younger, healthier and more energetic – OK sign me up!

Our bad colors bring out all our worst features ( that’s scary!), making us look like we’re about to die from sleep deprivation – YEESH, and without the late night fun!  Don’t be a color collector – Gotta catch em all! Your wardrobe doesn’t need em all. So, there is a reason why – ‘cause folks come in three flavours; warm, cool and neutral. No reflection on your vibe  – no matter how cool you think you are, I’m not talking about your personality.

I’m talking about your skin-tone.  See, we all have natural undertones in our skin.

  • Warm people have yellow undertones
  • Cool people have blue undertones
  • Neutral people have no dominant undertones



Knowing your undertones you have will help you pick colors that make you look awesome (think many hot dates!) and avoid those that make you look ill. And I happen to know a quick test you can do to figure out where you belong on the warm-to-cool spectrum.

So – are you rockin’ Gold or Silver?

Grab a piece of gold and silver jewellery – which looks best on you? (Ask around if you’re not 100% sure.)

  • If gold ~ you’re warm
  • If silver ~ you’re  cool
  • If both looked equally good, you’re a neutral and LUCK-Y!


Now that you know whether you’re a warm, cool or neutral, you can figure out which colors you shine in!

  • Warm people look best in warm colors — yellow, orange and red
  • Cool people look best in cool colors — green, blue and purple
  • Neutral people look good in everything — lucky ones!


Stick to Colors That Fall In Your Camp


So don’t buy, just try, try, try. Make the salespeople think you’re a lunatic.

Seeing the difference between your good and bad colors means to just need to train your eye and trust your gut, but until then, stick to your recommended colors, and color rock the hell out of them!

Confident in Color!


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