Outside With Art

Hello Lovelies,

We all love art and we all love to be outside. So how do we enjoy being outside with art? Actually – the fit is divine as Mother Nature is the ultimate creator and colourist and we are all human muse.

One way is to explore the experience of outdoor painting – en plein air as the French call it.


The invigoration you feel is a rush better than a wheat grass shot! Brush in hand you can be at one with the elements, reproduce them on your canvas and urge your soul on with personal self expression. This can be enjoyed anywhere outside, in endless earthly locations.

Others may sculpt castles in sand at the beach and leave far more than their footprints. No need to be a Christo or Jean-Claude but environmental art is so readily available to explore. Go walkabout as we say down under and collect ART-ifacts to adorn as home decor or Modge Podge them to your fridge! A crafty trail awaits any artistic nature explorer and the treasures you will find along the way my inspire your next creation.


Picnics and art are also an excellent explorative duo.  When packing your next basket be sure to add sketching tools and papers to your menu.  Nothing more relaxing than doodling away in a park on a Summer’s day. Capturing a moment a la “a view to remember”.  Scouting a location? Look no further than your own backyard to conjure an otherworldly artistic installation. Drape cloth, streamers, balloons or ribbons about your house, add sculptural sparklers  and feathers to your garden bed. Paint a rainbow tree trunk or stepping stones,  (only tempra non-toxic colors of course!), food color your fountain, or paint glass votives to shine on with kaleidoscope colors after hours. Your own magical outside with art grotto.

Being Outdoor in Art will make you wish that you lived all your days barefoot in the grass,  dancing away on multicoloured lawn that is!

With love, art and planet power,

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