Art is You!

Hiya Radical Individual Art Innovators!


Right now it’s YOUR time to ARTSHINE everyone!

Andy W – famous for his Campbell’ s tomato soup and Marilyn iconics once said;  “Art is anything YOU can get away with!” Create on THAT! WooArtHoo!

The best thing about this statement is that you can get away with ANYTHING when it comes to art!


You are the ZAP in your power and the LIGHT in your own artistic life. No permissions, no excuses.  What is the most amazing thing of all is that it is all YOU baby! Whatever bolt of beauty comes from your fingertips is unique and astounding.  Your artistic voice can be heard and you can sing it loudly  – everywhere!

Fear has no place in your own personal self-expression.  If you can imagine it you can do it. Walt Disney once said something like this and he imagineered a fun and fab world of HAPPY!   Truly – the world misses out when you don’t create. No matter what the venue ~ sculpt, paint, design, cook, garden, sing, skip down the street, bang a pot lid, talk a tale or just walk a pink colored poodle.  You can create a life that is wondrous and you CAN get away with it all!


And don’t forget – YOU ARE ART too! Adorn YOU with color, sparkles,  feathers, dyes and tattoos!  Whatever decor floats your fashion boat and make a statement that you are special and have a place just for you on this style planet.

If you are not expressing your divine art right then you need to change that now.  Think about what you can do to leave your mark and legacy.  What makes your “Let’s Dance” as David Bowie – the ultimate re-inventor of his deific self once touted!


Find the spring in your step and the wiggle in your walk?  But do it today!

Make no apologies and run away escaping to a new and artistic YOU.

Yep – ART is YOU –  the best Muse ever!

Saying it LOUD! and with love…,

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