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Hello Blooming and Budding Creators!


Excitedly the topic of “Art & Flowers” is my forever and ever favorite.
To decide which is more inspiring, more poetic or more creative is not possible in my beauty book! The imagination runs wild with possibilities when it comes to what can be conjured by either floral inspiration, flowers themselves, fine art embodying flowers or so much more…

Consider the still life floral subject that has survived every age and time. Still it shines immortal in the fine art frames of every generation.  From classic to contemporary – the flower is profound and portrayed in any number of ways. But flowers and art are not resigned to just the canvas – sculpture, decoupage, craft and cut-outs, dried and decorated, floated or garden bed dug and grown – flowers of every kind speak of unlimited opportunity.


What is it that has us and every generation so utterly captivated? The delicate blooms, mother nature’s designs, the magnificent array of colors, the aromas, the eye catching displays are all part of what we find floral intoxicating! That we need to use, produce or portray them is a given.   All these elements speak to us all – young or old, but particularly  the yearn to the artist in us all!


Flowers and Art is a one stop combination to fantastical methods of creation and personal creative interpretation.  The scope of uses of these gorgeously grown gifts are as endless as the earth will endow us. So whether you reach for a flower press, paper interpretation, oil painted impression, sculptural endeavour or simply seeded garden bed fantastic – remember that it is this miraculous joy from our planet in the form of flowers which has made our life, our visual pleasure and our enjoyment and our inspirations so much more wondrous!

Enjoy what you will do with this dynamic duo!

Inventively and lovingly,


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