Fancy Feathers As Fall Inspiration?


Searching for something magical? The fancy this year is feathers for your imagination and inspiration!

Made by nature and gifted from birds, these treasures of multi colored softness provide a myriad of uses for everything from artwork to decor, fashion to floral, not to mention the other note worthy uses as shown above!  Script or stamp a token of affection which can be treasured forever or used to mark the page in a well read book.  The ideas are endless. Start collecting and creating today!


Bouquet with borrowed bird beauty?  Add whimsy with feathery finds to coordinate or punctuate your next floral arrangement.


Designs from mother nature.  Sing a song of praise for this ingenious bird-inspired shade! A peacock plume to dazzle and delight with light!


Paint up a storm, or a feather! Turn a single white flight to a bright with paints and pastels.  Next attach your pretty plume to a pencil or pen for a writing quill with pizzazz!


Feathers decorate any scene. Framed and fanciful they can be suspended about in any number of decorative ways. Here they are faux-framed and then illuminated as charming “artwork”. What idea do you have to make more memorable magic?


Design du jour a la feather!  Illustrate patterns and every color under the rainbow on your own feather creations.  The combinations are endless and the results each individually interesting and oh so feathery FUN!

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