Small Ways To Bringing More Om To Your Home!

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Decorating with Vibe! Meditate on your rug, on your couch, or even on your coffee table! Let your style levitate your atmosphere by using an array of arrangements and color choices to turn your home from meek to chic. Exhale the old inhale the new!


Keep it colorful! Bring the energy by adding bright yellow, green, or blue to your kitchen or living room. Try a pale palette for a more peaceful aura. For luxury thoughtfully add a pop of black or gold.


What is your intention for practice? Clear the clutter by adding containers, jars, filers and other organizing tools. Change up the flow by minimizing unnecessary items.


Find your Zen! Calm any room with luscious plants from ferns to succulents. Hang them from the ceiling to design dynamic dimensions!


Expand your mind! Any room can look bigger with patterns that create space. Use squares, stripes or simple wallpapers to stretch the limits of the Om in your home.

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