Embrace Kaleidoscopes To Color Your Lifestyle!


Who remembers the kaleidoscope? Mirrors reflect the shapes and colors to make the world so dreamlike… and it moves! An invention of symmetry! Hours of colorful and patterned play! Kaleidoscopes can change reality and make you see more color combinations than you ever though possible. Buy one and get inspired by this vintage fun color apparatus! Definitely a blast from our mod rainbow past.


Fantasy Face Large cut crystal can mirror your surroundings when you hold it up to your eye or to your camera lens. Snap a rainbow filled shot to put up on your Instagram or Facebook!


Wearable Art? Try a fun, colorful pattern on your next outfit! Match it with a solid shade to enhance the look. VaVa Voom and Woohoo!


Mix-N-Match – opposites attract! These heavenly geometric artful coverings offer ideas to create color patterns and palettes inside your home. Paint an accent wall, a piece of furniture or a painting to punctuate the combined power of abstract, classical, vintage or any other décor synergy.


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