Create Your Own Secret Garden!

A garden’s beauty are the colors and smells that linger in your heart.


Escape your week of work and come home to an outdoor haven everyday. Adding bits and pieces of Mother Earth to your house, backyard or balcony can bring more positivity and peace to your life. Beauty creates bliss.

The oxygen produced by plants is life’s essence. In my everyday life I love to keep the rosy pinks, sunset oranges and the lavenders alive and lush throughout my surroundings


It’s easy as 1,2,3! Start with a basic layout, consider three simple parts. The furniture. The decoration. The plants and flowers.


Scour the local hardware store, you can also find decently prices outdoor furnishings for garden décor from yard sales or donation stores. The fun part is refurbishing anything you find (think lick of paint, lick of paint!) to make your garden interestingly yours. Decorate the wood or glue on garden stones or shells! Delightful!


What color dominates your patio? Find its complimentary color for their “pop”! Got Terra Cotta tiles? Then use some blues to make your floral eye candy!

Rose bushes offer cute bloom, lavender brings aromatic therapy, hydrangeas color boost and Jasmine scents your nights with passion.


No longer a patio, now it’s a piece of artwork that you can live in!


Crate it up! Easy to find at any hardware store. Paint the wood with blackboard chalk paint (any hardware store) and you have a labeled herb garden that will fit in any small space as well as bringing organic flavors. Presto!


Let there be light! “Marbles” in your fence holes will bring sunshine bling to your backyard! Patterns will dance and light will illuminate whimsically…


Candles are romantic! Let your foliage shine on with creative light ideas. Just Google and you will find them.


Don’t just drink it! Recycle your favorite wine bottles to create a self-watering system. It is the best kind of “hangover” that waters on demand!

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