Wondrous Wealth Of Water


No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green.” Said Sylvia Earle, and I’d have to applaud! 

Water. Our largest resource on Earth reflects our health and the most elegant colors around. 

Its arrays of blues and greens punctuate oceans , lakes, and rivers.  Add a little rain and voila! illuminate the beauty of every color…

Glacial National Park, Montana

Our bodies thrive on the benefits of water for it is  truly a gift for life. Learn more about what water can do for you and how you can use it creatively!

Japanese Water Garden

Benefit From Water 

We are mostly water. We are enhanced by it too from our skin, hair, energy and overall health we are beautified by it. 


Water is our ally to aging by relaxing our skin cells.  Bathe in cold water 2-3 mins and change your glow with lighter and brighter colors. 


Nutrient rich ocean water delivers magic to detangle, repair, and cleanse your locks from its red algae and sublime seaweed.  Cold water rinses impart extra shine!

Water is the divine drink! Add water to loose weight. With 0 Calories 0 sugars 0 carbs, flush toxins and waste from the body and it is a miracle for headaches…

Don’t wait to hydrate! When you feel thirsty you are already water depleted. So drink the purity of water everywhere you go.  A glass every few hours and with every meal will insure this heavenly elixir is added everywhere. 


Water Infusion = Liquid Artfulness 

Infused water eases stress with fruitful color and  aromatic qualities:

Refresh with lemon and cucumber to detoxify blood, boost energy and brain power as well as freshen your. breath. The Vitamin C boosts production of collagen and elastin.

Peach and Mint water is cooling and aids in mindless snacking. For more flavor add some Vanilla power. 

Crushed raspberries, pineapple and sage produce the relaxing, feel-good brain chemical serotonin.

Just add ingredients and let sit for two hours to enjoy a cooling creative water concoction. 


Ice Cube Fun and Freshness

Icecapades! Add chopped fruits and herbs to bring the freshness of the garden greens, yellows, oranges, and reds to any drink! 

Perfect for the summer! Drop a dash of color and coolness to your bland beverages. Bingo! 


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