Sacred Succulents: Keeping it Green


Plants that naturally hold a lot of water, such as aloe, agave and cacti, continue to grow in popularity due to being beautiful and almost completely indestructible. They also make great displays in the home and are relatively low-maintenance. To add a little green to your living space, pick one up at your local nursery or grocery store and follow these tips!


These small plants prefer to be in the sun so be sure to perch them on a south-facing window and watch their leaves for indications that they’re getting the right amount of light. If they turn brown or white they’re being exposed to too much sunlight, while if they start to be more spaced out that’s a clue that they’re not getting enough.


Ideally succulents prefer daytime temperatures between 70 degrees F and about 85 degrees F, while nighttime temperatures should be between 50 degrees and fifty-five degrees.


These plants should be watered generously in the summer while allowing potting mix to dry between waterings. During the water, when succulents go dormant, it’s best to cut water back to once every other month. As a rule of thumb, overwatered plants are soft and discolored while under-watered plants will simply stop growing and then begin to shed its leaves.

Potting Soils

Pot your succulents in a fast-draining mixture designed for cacti and succulents. Talk to your local nursery to make sure you are choosing the right one.


During the summer growing season, fertilize succulents as you would with other houseplants. Stop fertilizing entirely during the winter.

And oila! Add a mason jar or decorative bowl and you have the perfect drought-friendly decor!

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