Eyeshadow 101: Confident Color Picking


Marilyn Monroe once said, “it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” And when it comes to your beauty routine, there’s never been a better time than summer to take risks. Craving a color change and not sure where to start? Why not begin with your eyeshadow color? Here’s a fool-proof guide for finding the right new look for you!



If your eyes are blue…

Purple and shades of lavender will give the eye a true grey-blue tone. Or try a rust-colored shadow paired with a teal gray for a more delicate effect. Neutral brown in the crease and outer edge will add just a hint of drama. And you can’t go wrong with a smoky eye – they look best with light colors.


If your eyes are green…

Dark yellows and warm peaches will add a notable brightness to your eye color. Add a chocolate shadow for intensity or a cool taupe for something a bit more edgy. And gold is a great option to highlight and add dimension.


If your eyes are brown…

Brown eyes are best accentuated with jewel tones. A rich navy or midnight blue also gives your eye color a sexy dramatic effect. Add in a warm brown to anchor.

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