Top 5 Tips for Tapping into Your Inner Artist

Concetta Antico Cockie

Hello Lovelies!

Julius Caesar, the builder of the great Roman Empire, was known to have said that creating is the very “essence of life.” Truly our ability to outwardly manifest the beauty in our souls and the beauty that surrounds us is one of life’s most precious gifts. Whether you are a painter, as I am, or a sculptor, a graphic designer, a decorator, a photographer, a gardener, or just a doodler, enhancing your own personal creativity will give life more meaning and more purpose.

As I tuck myself away in my studio this week to complete the works (“Who’s a Pretty Cockie” shown in its stages above is just one of the paintings that will be revealed next Saturday) that will be a part of my Australian collection, to be unveiled Saturday, March 28, I once again savor the moments of being able to paint. I love the quiet stillness, the smooth strokes of my brush against the canvas, and my mind swirling with vibrant energy and color.

In effort that you too can experience the joy of creating, here are my secret tips for finding your own inner artist:

Determine What Inspires You

For me it could be a full blown rose or an old 1920’s truck left to rest and rust in tall country grass. Beauty is everywhere – and when I spy it, I must capture it. I usually know what the subjects of my next paintings will be because I will see something and my heart will skip a beat and I will be full of excitement and anticipation. I even keep a collection of photos and clippings, sometimes treasuring them for years before the time finally comes to paint them. Find what is beautiful to you.

Clear Your Mind 

Before I can create, I must have my house in order. Weeks before I have a show, I will work to make sure all of my personal loose ends are taken care of – from making sure the dishes are put away to my bills being in order. This allows me to focus on my creative efforts without worrying about the nitty gritty details of every-day life which often add stress and worry – two things that will kill creativity every time.

Find a Quiet Place

Before you start, find a refuge from the distractions of the world. For me that might be my salon, other times I find myself painting in a charming outdoor locale. Wherever you decide to go, make sure your surroundings are serene, uncluttered and open. This will allow your mind to be at rest and not be too caught up in the objects that surround you. Perhaps it would help to put on a little music as well, I always paint to music, with whatever genre suits my mood best.

Trust in Your Heart

Once my first brush step is placed, I always stay the path, for as many hours as it takes. Stroke after stroke, my mind is swimming with elements and colors almost as if I am working with pieces of a puzzle, until eventually it is complete.  A painting you see, simply finishes itself. When the last stroke is placed, it is like the end of a prayer. It is done because you feel that it is done. You just know deep inside.

Marvel at the Masterpiece

Sometimes I do a little dance of celebration after I finish a canvas and other times I simply stare in wonder at the awe-inspiring result. Each and every piece of art that we create is in essence born and alive, a life-force of its own that will last forever. Praise and applaud each and every creation – and as you delight in the wonder and magic of your artistry, you will open yourself to creating more.

What other tips do YOU have for finding and enhancing your own personal creativity? I’d love to hear them!


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