2015 Color Trends: Pastels Perfect for Home

Concetta Home Lilac

My own 100 Year Old Pastel Inspired Sun Room Shines with Lavender and Green

Hello Lovelies!

As you may know, each year paint companies such as Behr and Sherwin-Williams, as well as color trend experts, assess which hues will be on trend in fashion and decor. This is a most exciting time, and I always look forward to seeing what shades will be the “it” colors of the new year. According to Pantone, for 2015, the hottest colors in home decor are pastels, and while I have loved these softer, sophisticated colors for my own home for years, as you will see in the photo above, I am so glad to see the rest of the world now embrace these more gentler hues. For inspiration on how to take advantage of this year’s decorating trends in YOUR home, here are some perfect applications of these creamy colors.

Blush Interior Decor

Beautiful blush works best off-set by white cornices and trim. While somewhat muted, pink walls give a room a pretty, pensive touch! As seen on Horchow.com

Pop of Peach INterior Decor

Who doesn’t love a pop of peach in a bedroom or guest room? This hue might be a bit much for a space in its entirety, but why not as an accent wall or accessories in a book shelf? As seen on sitamontgomeryinteriors.com.


Is there anything more magnificent than mint for a master bath or powder room? Whether you incorporate a delicate wall paper or just a glossy matte, this delicate hue gives way to relaxation and serenity. As seen on Eclectic Living Home.

Sky Blue Interior Decor

And finally sky blue. This ethereal, cool color choice evokes a more minimalistic air and is wondrous for a living room or sitting room in which contemplation is in order.

How do YOU plan to incorporate these subtle tones into your own decor? I’d love to hear!







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