Spring Cleaning…On Canvas Anyway…

Concetta Spring Cleaning

Hello Lovelies!

What could welcome the dawn of a new season and a fresh start more than an annual spring clean? For many, the enjoyment comes only after the work is done, with feet finally propped up, and the ability to survey a cleaner, more functional living space. For me, the joy of spring cleaning is being able to see my new full blown wisteria more clearly through sparkling glass windows, having my kitchen more in order to be able to cook for my family and friends, and the closets reorganized to make way for more board games to play with my children on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Inspired by the magic a simple dust pan and broom can bring, I encouraged my students at The Salon to take a try at painting these simple housekeeping tools the past couple of weeks. Today we finally completed our Clean Sweep program, and here I am putting the finishing touches on my own. Almost makes you want to jump up and dust and mop, doesn’t it?

Now if only my actual spring cleaning was complete! How are YOU celebrating the warmer weather? I’d love to know!





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