5 Essential Lipstick Colors and How to Wear Them

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As an artist and an expert on color, as well as someone that tends to be more bold in my hair and makeup look, I often have women asking me for tips (which I absolutely love!). One particular reader told me she’s completely bored with her cosmetic routine and asked how she can introduce more color into her beauty world. I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to create more of a statement look is to wear brighter lipstick, with an unexpected splash of color to make your ensemble and your lips really standout. Inspired by her note, I thought I’d share with you my own guidebook for mixing shades of lipstick with your wardrobe – remember the key to making a statement is to tastefully implement unexpected color. You’ll be amazed at the results, I promise!

If Your Outfit Is Yellow …
Pair With: Red or Fuchsia Lipstick


Yellow, the color of juicy ripe lemons, a luxurious pat of butter, cheery daffodils beckoning the onset of spring. This color is bold and when done well, can be an absolute vision as seen on Miranda Kerr. While the red and yellow combination might make you think of a particular restaurant chain, these shades compliment each other quite well when paired together as they are both bold, primary colors. Try a red or fuchsia lip and be prepared to turn heads!

If Your Outfit Is Blue …
Pair With: Orange or Red Lipstick

Amy Adams orange lipstick

Blue denotes pensiveness, calm, amazement, and this is seen beautifully on Amy Adams. As orange and blue are both complementary colors (meaning they are opposite of each other on the color wheel) wearing them together creates a gorgeous look. If you are hesitant to go full orange, try a red lipstick with orange hues. You will never look at that blue dress or blouse the same.

If Your Outfit Is Green
Pair With: Red or Fuchsia Lipstick

2014 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour

Green, the color of life, of prosperity and security. Mindy Kaling continues to show her many talents on-screen and her pops of color are really making a difference now on the red carpet. You might think pairing green and red would only be appropriate for a festive Christmas party, but not so! As red and green are also complementary colors, pairing a classic red lip with an emerald green dress is a show-stopping look you too can try.

If Your Outfit Is Red …
Pair With: Pink or Red Lipstick

Heidi Klum red dress

Red, the expression of passion, love, and action. You might think a red lip paired with a red top is overkill but as seen on Heidi Klum, perhaps because it’s unexpected, it looks absolutely fabulous. Pink is also in the same color family as red and can be worn for a softer, more feminine look. Give it a try and fall in love with yourself in the mirror all over again.

Inspired? Ready to try it on your own? Send me your photos of how you match your lipstick color to make a bold statement – I’d love to see them!


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